Measuring The Performance Of Your Social Media Activities

How do you figure out if your social media marketing efforts work?

You must be consistent at posting to draw in the large number of followers that you seek. But you don't know if the posts you publish actually do draw in those followers, do you? And it seems that every marketing team has its own methods for trying to guage those results.

You might measure your success by the amount of posting you do. I mean, if you're posting at least once every day someone's bound to find your page, right? But then that won't tell you how many actually see your posts.

You can dig a little deeper, and measure what those posts are actually doing. How many impressions do they get? Did they get looks? Did they get engagement?

Those measurements are useful, but you'll find more success, I think, if you add some figures that show you what people actually did after viewing your post. What actions do your posts cause visitors to take?

If you rely on social media for your marketing efforts you need to know this stuff.

And you can get some more detail about how to incorporate these strategies at the link below:

Outputs, Outtakes, & Outcomes

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