Your List – Did You Start Building It Yet?




There are a lot of different techniques you can use to build your email list, and it takes a while to learn them all.

But one method that I know works, requires implementation of a few marketing tools, combined with a few bits of marketing knowledge – AND a few specific steps performed in a defined order.

Get that right, and you'll grow a targeted list that will help sustain your business for years.

This is my final article for this list building series. My next article starts a new series, and another topic.

If you want success for your dream of working from home, and making a comfortable (or more) income for you and your family it's time to step onto your future path.

No buts. No what ifs. It's act now, or get left behind – time!

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Maybe you think that seems overly harsh, and a bit strong. But I hear people every day telling me that they're going to get started turning their lives around – only to visit them a bit later to find they haven't done a thing.

And it saddens me when I offer them all the knowledge and tools they need to create a special future for themselves, and their families, and they simply set all that stuff aside to collect dust.

Right now I want to summarize what you need to start growing the list that will fuel your business. And I'll outline those tools & techniques in the order by which you want to put them in place.

These are the magical components of my list building success process.

A Giveaway Product

Typical giveaway items include white papers, PDFs, ebooks, videos, and software. This must be something that your visitor will find highly valuable. Something that will give him some strong benefit.

Your visitor must believe your giveaway product is worth the price of his contact information. (Because that's what he's paying you for it.)


The main reason of your giveaway is to market products to your subscribers now, and in the future. After all, the purpose of your business is to sell product. You can start applying that purpose immediately by placing links to subject related products right inside your giveaway item.

These are called one time offers (OTOs) that lead into your funnel of upsells, and downsells.

When your subscriber studies, or uses your giveaway he encounters your OTO links, clicks on them, and your profits start right now when he buys the linked-to products.

Squeeze Page With Opt In Form

In order to get your giveaway product your potential subscriber visits a web page that displays a headline with a more detailed subhead – both of which renew his interest in that giveaway, some points that explain what the product will do for him (usually arranged as bullets), a form in which he'll enter his contact information, along with a picture of the giveaway product.

This is called the squeeze page, or landing page.

One Time Offer, Upsell, Downsell

So you can start profiting right away you include a link to a one time offer (a product offered at a price hugely discounted from its normal price just this one time).

Once the subscriber accepts or declines the OTO he moves into your marketing funnel where you offer an upsell (a product at a higher price than the OTOs normal price – a higher level value product).

After the subscriber decides on the upsell you offer a downsell, or not. (The downsell is a lower level value, lower price than the upsell.)

Generating Traffic

If nobody sees your squeeze page, nobody subscribes to your list, downloads your giveaway product, and sees your monetization links. And you have nobody to market your products to.

In order to build your list you must have visitors to your squeeze page offer.

To get visitors to your squeeze page you must employ techniques of traffic generation. Earlier I mentioned that there are a lot of ways to build your list. There are also a lot of methods for generating traffic. A few of those include article writing, forum posting blog commenting, blog posting, giveaway events, and solo ads.

There are more of course, but those will get you a good start. Don't try to put them all into play at once. Select one, study it, work it until it becomes like second nature. Then select the next method, and start learning it. That way you don't get into the quicksand pool of information overload.

These list building techniques are the foundation for your business empire. Many successful entrepreneurs will tell you that these are among the most important basics you can master.

Your next step is to get started building your list AND increasing your knowledge of this exceptional business model.

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There you'll find methods for growing your list, and you'll have access to an ongoing education to help you master your lead generation skills.

Look for my upcoming series. It's all about product creation.

Many budding entrepreneurs start out by marketing affiliate products. That's smart because you start with already created products, and marketing materials. But you only get a percentage of the sale when you market those. If you have your own product you keep 100% of the sale price.

Think about that.

I sincerely hope you got some value from this section on lead generation techniques. And I hope you put that value to successful use.

If you have any questions you can send them my way at [email protected] and I'll get the answers back to you soon as I can.

Until then – to your success

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