5 Internet Marketing Secrets You Need To Know


If you truly want success in with your business there are certain internet marketing secrets that you must know.

When the construction crew erects a building the first thing it does is lay the foundation. It’s the support the building stands on. Without the foundation, the structure will quickly collapse.

When you plan your business make sure you include the following 5 internet marketing Internet Marketing Secretssecrets. They form the foundation that supports the success of your business.

Market Research – The Cornerstone

You first lay the cornerstone for you foundation by researching your market.

Just because you have a product idea that you personally believe is the next great fad doesn’t mean that others will see that product from the same point of view. Not everybody looks at things like you do.

You have to find out if your product will sell before you burn away your budget creating something that’s going to gather dust in your virtual warehouse.

You must ensure that there is a market demand for your proposed product.

Once you know there’s a demand for your product determine the area you’ll market the product in.

This requires drilling down to the deepest sub-niche you can identify.

If your product is in the health niche you want to know where in the niche is the best place to market it. Say your product is a book about nutrition. Not everybody in the health niche is interested in nutrition. Some look for information about fitness. Some want information about cures for various illnesses. Others want to learn how to eat properly for anti-aging. And still others want to know how to eat right for weight loss.

Drill down to the deepest sub-niche your book is about. That’s where you’ll find the most targeted prospects to market to.

A couple of tools that you’ll find helpful are Google’s Keyword Planner and online forums that relate to your product’s subject matter.

Internet Marketing Secrets Must Include Your Presentation

You’ll never sell a single copy of your product if nobody knows about it. The way you get people to know about it is by creating your marketing message. That’s the sales letter that tells them all about your product.

Here again, you must do some research.

You need to find out your target market’s trigger points are – the reasons they want your product. Those trigger points are either pain, problem solution, or strokes to her/his vanity.

The strongest trigger point is pain. Learn how to connect with your potential customer about his pain and offering a product that will take that pain away, and you’ll know one of the most powerful internet marketing secrets in existence.

Going back to your product idea. Say it’s about anti-aging. Next think about the person who wakes up one morning, looks in the mirror, and sees wrinkles on her face.

Suddenly she thinks her beauty is fading and that scares her. That represents a pain. Your product can give her information to help her erase those wrinkles and look young again. In your marketing message you give her the steps that she can take to make that happen and you explain those steps in a way that helps her believe that what you offer will work.

Do you think she is going to ignore what you’re telling her? Or do you think she’s gonna go out of her way to buy your product?

It’s all in the way that you prepare and create your marketing presentation.

Once you have your marketing message created you must publish it somewhere. For this, the best location is on a website that you create. When you publish your sales letter on a website you can then advertise that web page to your target market and (if you do your research and marketing creation successfully) the product sales will flow to you.

To Make The Sales Get The Traffic

Again, if people don’t see your marketing message nobody will buy your product. The way to get eyes on your message is to attract visitors to your website.

Not just any visitor is right for you though. You need people who are interested in your subject matter to get a look. Go back to the Google Keyword Planner and find the keyword terms – in your subject area – that people are searching for and create ads that use those terms.

Next, build a squeeze page and publish it on your site. You want to put the address of that page in your ad. That’s where you want people to go first, before going to read your sales page.

On the squeeze page you’ll place a form for your visitors to fill in with their email address so you can build a list of people who have an interest in the type of information you create products about. And you want the words on your squeeze page to give them good reasons to fill out that form.

With a list you can give them new information as time goes on and you can market your current product (if they don’t buy it right off) along with future products that you create.

Establish Your Marketing Funnel

One of the most effective ways to entice people to fill out the form on your squeeze page is to offer them a free product. This can be an excerpt from your nutrition book that we talked about above (or whatever book you’ve written).

Then you market your main book from that.

You do this with what we call a marketing funnel. That’s where you take them from the delivery of your free product to the page where you sell them your main book. And you add other products as you acquire them. After selling them your main book you take them to sales pages of other products that you add over time.

This increases your profits and continues to build your business success.

As customers and prospects drop out of your funnel you pull them back into it with your email marketing so they continuously have the opportunity to remain a buying customer of your products.

All of the products that you place in any one funnel must be related in subject matter.

The Last Of The Internet Marketing Secrets – Duplicate

Robert Allen first introduced the concept of multiple streams of income. Today it’s pretty much an internet household term. The more streams of income you enjoy the more security your online business has.

So do you think you might want to develop an arsenal of income streams?

Once your original marketing funnel is set up and operating smoothly it’s time to clone it.

You’re bound to think of product ideas in other niches as you start finding success with the initial product line. As you do, and as you prove those ideas have viability with market research, you want to develop products for those niche areas.

It’s a simple matter, once you have the experience of creating your first funnel, to duplicate the process with your new products.

There are no limits as to how many niches you can market in other than the time you wish to dedicate to the efforts.

And an arsenal of marketing niches eventually will give you the lifestyle you want for your family.

5 Internet Marketing Secrets To Form Your Business Foundation

Internalize these five internet marketing secrets. Make them an automatic part of your business building process. Use them to build the foundations for every business venture you pursue.

When these concepts become automatic execution process every time you begin a new business venture you’ll reap the rewards of business success and find your lifestyle at a level you truly want it to be.