Time To Expose Yourself To The World – Are You Ready?



Welcome back, and thanks so much for joining me for another exciting article.

Your list building skills are on their way to qualifying you as a super star, my friend. Congrats.

Today I’m gonna talk about how you need to display yourself for all the world to see. Now I’m not saying that you have ta get nekid here.

But you want to be ultra-bold, and get your giveaway showing up all over the place. You want all the eyeballs on it that you can get on it.

Of course those must be highly targeted eyeballs!

Not everybody will buy your products. Doesn’t make any difference how convincing your marketing messages are. Those are the lookie lous. They’ll kick every tire in town, and never climb in to the driver’s seat.

And I’ll talk about what to do with that kind of person in a different article.

Thing is in order for even the tire kickers to see your giveaway you gotta show it to the crowds.

So What Do You Do To Get It In Front Of The Crowds?

Well, that’s where your squeeze page comes in.

If you’ve been around any time at all you’ve seen a squeeze page. In case you haven’t that’s just a web page with an opt in form that asks for contact information in exchange for your giveaway product. The form normally has a picture of the giveaway, a couple lines where the prospect can enter name & email address, and a short list of the things the product will do for the prospect.

Lead capture page is another term for a squeeze page, and as that name suggests the only job here is to grab that contact information – collect leads.

You don’t use it to sell, you don’t place product links on the page. You just use it to add them to your list by giving them something of value as payment.

They either give you there info, or they leave.

For maximum effectiveness you’ll want to include an image of your giveaway on the squeeze page. You can create that image yourself if you like. You do want it to be a good picture though.

So you might want to hire a graphic artist on Fivver.com for $5. That’ll get you a pic with good enough quality to suit your purpose here.

You’ll design your opt in form inside your autoresponder dashboard. If you don’t yet have an autoresponder account you’ll need to open one up. A couple of the most popular ones are Aweber and Get Response. I currently use Get Response, and you can get your first month there for a free introduction. Aweber is $1 introductory normally, but I recently noticed they may have a free introductory offering.

Both Aweber and Get Response have tutorials instructing how to make your form.

Next you add the copy. That includes a large headline that names the product & quickly grabs attention, a subhead that is slightly smaller and gives a bit more description, a line that tells them to enter their info, and a few more lines describing the benefits.

Benefits tell the prospect how the product will heal their hurts, solve their problem, make their day all better. Benefits work best on an opt in form when arranged in a bullet list.

Their are a number of institutions that teach how to write copy, and the field is way too extensive for me to get into in this article. You can find courses online, or outsource the work. Keep in mind that good copywriters do command some high fees.

Publish It

Next you want to get your squeeze page published, and start testing it.

Put together some different variations of the form to see which ones perform best. You’ll use tracking software for this. It watches the different forms you’re running at a given time to keep track of the visits, and the number of opt ins that come from those visits.

You send your traffic to the software, and it splits your visitors off to your sales pages. Use two pages at a time, keep the best performer. Toss the poorest one out, and put a new one in to test against the best. This is a repetitive process. The idea is to end up with the one or two squeeze pages that pull in high percentages of opt ins.

The main thing is that you make your squeeze page interesting, and simple enough that your visitors can easily sign on to your list, and get your giveaway product.

Remember when I mentioned the One Time Offer (OTO)? Well I’m gonna talk about that in my next article. When you just go through the giveaway process you’re basically doing it with an out-of-pocket cost for any advertising, website hosting, etc. But if you add an OTO you can bring in enough money to cover those costs, and make a little bit of profit while you’re running your giveaway campaign.

I know you’re not gonna wanna miss that.

To look at a list building income opportunity check out EasyCash4Ads. You just might find a way to fund your next campaign there.

Oh by the way, if you’re interested in email solutions that also give you more extensive tools in the form of business office suites you might find this article interesting: Cloud Based Email Services.