Choose The WordPress Platform To Build Your Websites – Here’s Why



When the concept of blogging arrived on the internet 
marketing scene every guru in town, and all of their 
brothers around the world, stampeded to the keyboard 
to start loading their websites with blog posts.

Short informational blurbs that carried advertisements 
to their readers.

Why? Because they worked!

And they still work today. Not as well perhaps as they 
did in those early days, but people still follow blog 
sites consistently – IF those blog entries contain useful 
content that the reader finds valuable, and helpful to his 

In the early days of blogging you could get away with short 
bits of content that didn't even relate to the product you 
advertised. That's no longer true. Now you need to write 
relevant articles of a minimum of 400 words (and 500 – 600 
minimum work much better) that talk about how the product is 
going to improve the reader's life, or in one way or another 
help the reader do something he wants (and/or needs) to do.

Boring and meaningless content will send your business into 
the lava pits.

Bloggers have become a source of fresh and interesting content 
for internet users across the world.  The world of blogging 
constantly changes thanks to the never ending torrent of high 
value information that people just like you publish.

The powerful thing about the blogging is that anyone can 
contribute to it.  You can start today with a relatively simple 
to learn blogging platform known as WordPress (WP).

Install the WP software (it's free) on your website, and you'll 
quickly be blogging away.

Don't dismiss WP as being no longer viable.

The following companies use it today, because they realize the 
power it brings to their marketing efforts:


  • The New York Times
  • Yahoo's Corporate Blog
  • CNN's Political Ticker
  • Sony Playstation Blog
  • Southwest Airlines


And that's just a short list as an example... The WordPress 
platform is ideal for those large companies because it provides 
them with a foundation on which they build their huge marketing 
blog activities. And it's a great fit for the small marketer 
like you and me because it's flexible, easy to use, and allows 
us to start out with small blog sites, and grow them to any size 
we want and/or need. Selection of the WP blogging platform gives 
you, just to mention a few of the digital tools, at your fingertips: 


  • An easy to use blogging platform. Write in a WYSIWYG editor, save drafts,
    and publish when you're ready
  • A huge community full of support, free templates, plugins, and additional
    addons and modifications for your blog.
  • A dynamic theming system, change the look of your entire blog with one click.
  • Generate "SEO-friendly" permalinks with the click of a button.
  • Built-in RSS feed functionality.
  • Categorize and tag your blog posts.
  • Create static pages.
  • Integrated search box.
  • Automatic pinging to the top blog ping services.


With the countless plugins and themes that people make available 
you can change the look and feel of your site with a few mouse 
clicks. There's no end to the functionality of WP... 

I recommend that when you create your website you do it yourself 
with WordPress. 

That effort alone will save you potentially thousands of dollars. 
And let's face it, no website in this world will please you as 
much as the one you build yourself.

Here's to your success – with WordPress!

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