You Need Attitude To Start A Business

To start any business venture one thing you definitely must have is an attitude.

But not just any old attitude will work. No, you've gotta grab a selection of attitudes, roll them up, and package them into one big attitude that'll carry you on your entrepreneurial way toward success.

So what does this SUPER attitude consist of?

I'm glad you asked that, because I'm just all beside myself with wanting to tell you all about it.

But first, let's clear one major issue up. This is something that I've heard is the only thing you need, and I've heard all about it since way back in the 1970s.

Yeah, I'm that old thank you very much…

Anyway. People told me back then that all I need is a positive attitude, and I still hear that today. Have you tried using a positive attitude for any length of time? Did it make all your wildest dreams come true? Did it work at all?

Probably not. Not by itself at any rate.

Is a positive attitude an important trait to guide you toward your desired future? Of course it is! Let's face it, take on a negative attitude, and it will lead you in an opposite direction from where you think you want to go.

But being positive all by itself won't march you along your wanted path either. You can be positive that the sun will shine tomorrow, but if the sky is full of clouds you're not going to see that sun.

Are you?

So yeah, it's important to be positive, but you gotta help positive out by adding a few other attitudes into the mix.

First of all. You can have the biggest positive attitude in all the world, but it ain't gonna do one lousy thing for you if you don't truly believe it will do that thing for you. You can say THIS will work all day long, but just saying that doesn't make THIS happen.

So you have to toss the attitude of belief into that package you're building into what will be your SUPER attitude.

And into belief you have to stir the skill of imagination. Imagination is a skill everybody has at birth. But our formal education system (in its infinite wisdom) teaches that skill out of most of us – learning us to comply with the herd mentality. That wisdom tries to control us all by making us simply “follow along,” and not walk our own path.

But if you can imagine something, and have the positive attitude to move your idea forward, and the belief that you can make it happen, you've set your sail toward getting it done.

The next attitude you must toss into your package is commitment.

You can dream something up, feel positive about starting to work on it, and believe that you can actually make it a reality. But if you don't commit yourself to actually spending the time, and performing the tasks to make it real, it will never be.

If you don't commit, then that whole idea does exactly what you'd do if you suffered a massive heart attack.

There's one other attitude that I think makes your SUPER attitude package complete. That is the attitude of perseverance.

All along your path you'll come up against roadblocks – obstacles that attempt to slow you down, or stop you from progressing further. If you give in to any one of them, your dream dies.

Perseverance is the attitude of going around, climbing over, digging under, or tunneling through every single obstacle that threatens your progress toward success. Perseverance is a major key in your attitude arsenal.

It's a must have component to your SUPER attitude package.

You must have a SUPER attitude to start, and guide your business to success. And that SUPER attitude must be a combination of mutually complimenting attitudes that make sure you not only do start, but also insure that you keep going until you find the success you seek – no matter what happens along the way!

Get that SUPER attitude. Make it yours. Build a business – and a legacy – you'll be proud of.