The Money Is In The List – Right?

Weve all been bombarded with the saying, The money is in the list.

Its true, but that really depends on the quality of the list doesnt it?

I dont want to waste your valuable time. So lets get right into this. Shall we?

I want to talk to you about list building.

The technique really confuses a lot of people, but I think maybe its the simplest business model on the Internet. Simply put, list building is the act of tempting people to subscribe to your email list by giving them something of value in return.

A free e-book, video, mini-course, or piece of software are most often what we list builders use to make this happen.

You should do the same.

But (you might ask) What If I Dont Have Something of value I can Give Away?

Theres an easy remedy for that.

You can set aside a few hours to create your own giveaway report or video (and the number of hours this takes depends on how knowledgeable you are in your niche, or your product area)

…or you can get the giveaway rights to a product that someone else already created.

I think you should create your own unique product myself.

You know, don't you, that other marketers already used those pre-existing products?

Now if you dont want to create your own freebie, or dont think you have the skill, and you dont want to use second-hand products, then you might try hiring a ghostwriter.

You can do that at fiverr on the cheap actually.

Most importantly dont get stopped trying to find something. Take action on getting your giveaway however you want.

Its easy to grab a freebie. Easier than you think.

Ill get deeper into this in future articles, and Ill show you how to get a high-converting freebie online, ready to start building your profitable email list from the ground up.

Be on the lookout for those articles here in the Generating Traffic section.

In the meantime have a look at EasyCash4Ads.

Its a tool that can help you grow your list when you get your giveaway product situated online.