3 Product Creation Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Product Creation Mistakes Don't Make Em But Do Get StartedThere’s no doubt that if you want to achieve maximum profitability from your online marketing efforts you must sell products of your own. But if you make these product creation mistakes during your creation process you can kiss that profitability goodbye.

The success of your online business depends highly on your ability to master the important skill of product creation.

First Of The Product Creation Mistakes – Always Starting At Scratch

When you start from the beginning every time you decide to make a new product you fail to make productive use of your time. You perform tasks that aren’t necessary because initial tasks can become part of a process – an assembly line activity so to speak.

Avoid the first of these product creation mistakes by planning ahead. When you plan your first product, create a series of related products that will follow on its path. Then set the activity of creating each product in the series up as a process.

Since each like product requires repeatable initial steps the actual creation activity for each subsequent product can begin later along the “assembly line” as those initial steps are already done.

That saves time and effort.

Product Creation Mistake #2 – It’s Only For The Gifted

It doesn’t take a special person to create a product. It takes a person who is prepared with the knowledge and desire that’s necessary to create the product.

Anyone can acquire those.

The first part of the knowledge is learning what people will pay for. Find that out by asking people what they want. That’s easy enough.

Run a survey.

Read comments on subject related forums.

Study the posts in social media sites’ groups for your niche.

The next part of the knowledge is researching the resulting subject to prepare your ability to deliver on what the people want.

The next step in avoiding this 2nd of the product creation mistakes is to go to work and make the product.

It’s simple enough – and it’s something you can do.

The 3rd Product Creation Mistake – Too Little Or Too Much

Very few would be marketers will actually ever start creating a product of their own. The majority either don’t believe they can or they never bother to act on the ideas that they have.

Of those that do start most either don’t finish the first product or they do finish that first one and stop.

Those who stop after the first product suffer defeat because, although they could go on to create a number of related products to follow the first one, they have no ongoing products to sell to their customers.

And their customers eventually stray away because the marketers provided too few products.

The other side of number three of the product creation mistakes is the creating of too many.

With each new product, your accumulated knowledge dwindles to the point that you start repeating features from you past products. Your customers notice that they’re paying for repetition and they’ll walk away.

To save yourself from suffering from this last of the product creation mistakes, commit to creating a series of products that address one niche area and learn to identify when you’ve satisfied the need for that niche area.

Then turn to a new niche area (based on what your customers want next) and plan a new series of products.

Get The Know How And Get Started

Creating your own product is not so difficult. The hardest part is to just get started. And if you want online business success your fastest path to get there is by creating and marketing products that you own.

All you need is knowledge about your subject, the determination to begin and persist all the way through your creation process, and the focus NOT to make these three product creation mistakes.