Write A Book – Why Should You?

Every person has at least one book in them just aching to find its way to the page – digital and/or printed. But is there any real reason why every person should actually write a book?

Write A BookYou as an individual have some special knowledge that is yours alone. Nobody else has that knowledge. And yet that knowledge that only you have sometimes holds value for other people.

That knowledge might very well be the key that opens doors that lead to the prosperous futures of thousands of your fellow human beings.

Or maybe you’re a comedian and what you know along with your unique method of delivering what you know will make those thousands of people laugh.

Either way, how can you even begin to keep that knowledge hidden inside where none of those people can experience the contributions only you can give them?

Convenient Time To Write A Book

There’s a saying that goes something like, “Everything said is already written.” That’s probably true. But what about the stuff that wasn’t said yet? You know some of that stuff – right?

The process involved for a person to write a book and get it published was a pure struggle until recently.

Authors submitted their manuscripts to publishing companies. The publishing company reviewed the manuscript (usually tearing it to shreds – figuratively).

And the author normally got a letter in the mail that basically said not only no but absolutely NO!

But with today’s technology and the internet you don’t have to submit your manuscript to anybody. And you don’t need anybody’s approval of your manuscript either.

You have the ability to publish your book digitally on your own website. You can publish your book digitally on platforms like Amazon’s Kindle. And there are platforms known as Print To Order where the customer buys the book and then the platform physically prints out the book and ships it to the customer.

Sure, Amazon type places review your book. Normally that’s to make sure the formatting is compatible with their requirements. But unless your content in any way violates their terms they’ll let you put your book in their catalog.

It’s not like they set the grammar police on you or anything.

My point is that, with the ease of publishing potential you have, today is an excellent time to publish your book. And the cost is kind’ve attractive too – seeing as how you can publish on Amazon Kindle at no initial fee.

When An Expert Writes A Book – People Buy

People who are looking for specific information jump all over each other to buy that information if an expert in the field writes about it.

But how does that help you? After all, nobody even knows who you are, do they?

Well, the fact is that you don’t become an expert in any field until you get yourself out there and noticed by the customers in that field. And one proven way to become known as an expert is to write a book.

Maybe not the first book. Not right away at least. But you don’t get started on that road to recognized expertise before people know your name. So at least write that first book and start marketing it.

When enough people find value in your book they’ll start talking about it among their friends and acquaintances. Word of mouth spreads fast. Trust me on this, you’ll be surprised. And your book (as long as the content is helpful to enough people) will become popular.

Write A Book That Helps People

What do I mean when I mention helpful content?

When you write a book that makes a person’s life better in some way then that book is helpful.

I mentioned earlier that maybe you have a unique ability for making people laugh.

Or maybe you’ve found a unique way to solve a problem that hundreds of people face every day. If it’s a complex problem you can write about the probable causes you found – the reasons the problem exists. And then you can explain all the methods you found that fix the root cause for that problem. Put all that information together and format it as a book.

If the problem is severe enough, if enough people deal with that problem on a continuing basis, if you have ways that successfully address that problem – and if you tell enough of those people that you have the fix for that problem – those people will be hungry for your book.

The main point I’m trying to make here is that very likely you have specialized knowledge that other people don’t have and it’s a good guess that other people really need that knowledge.

Don’t hide that knowledge from them – write a book!