How Would You Like To Get Paid For Your Social Surfing?



Social Media Site Gives
Back For The Time You Spend


Let me ask you something.

How much money do you make when you surf Facebook,
or any of the other social media sites you spend time on?

I want to introduce you to a social media site that pays you not only to surf, but you even get a share for merely logging into your account, and spending a little time looking around.

Pretty much what you do on Facebook, right?

Hi. My name is Joe Jackson, and I want to tell you about the FutureNet Multimedia Club (FutureNet). FutureNet is a website based company that combines three different online banner8_336_280spheres of activity onto one platform that makes money for its member.

Those spheres are social media, multimedia, and network marketing. Three exploding activities with brilliant future growth expectations.

With the FutureNet Multimedia Club you have an opportunity to start an online business, and grow an income by doing the same thing you do right now – every day – for free.


Start A Social Business Aligned For Long Term Success

Thing is that to build a true business that brings you success a certain combination of compatible entrepreneurial entities must come together to form a synergistic whole.

FutureNet satisfied that requirement:

1000s of high-quality multimedia products in a variety of categories. (Updated daily, both by the company & by its members who offer their own multimedia items.)

Plans to expand its multimedia libraries – multi-lingually.

An offer to anyone, worldwide, the opportunity to use their products as clients to sell via the club platform.

Backed by international marketing specialists, internet experts, management consulting agencies, and many other professionals, FutureNet is in a position to explode onto the social media scene in coming months.

The Marketing Plan

The FutureNet marketing plan sets new standards in the online business industry.

You invest your own money just once for each business level you promote yourself to.

The plan distributes 90 percent of revenues as commissions.

You can get your commissions paid out on a daily basis.

You can earn up to a 100 percent matching bonus.

You can qualify for the Webinar Speaker bonus of $5000.

With FutureNet you have six levels:

Level 1 is the $10 Member.

Level 2 is the $25 Basic.

Level 3 is the $50 Gold.

Level 4 is the $100 Exclusive.

Level 5 is the $500 Saphire.

Level 6 is the $1000 Royal.

And you can upgrade as you can afford it, or with your earnings.

The higher positions have higher income potentials of course, and you get more media points at those levels.

Talk with your sponsor for guidance as to which level is best for you to start at.

Check it out now, and get your new social media account created by following my sponsor link below:

FutureNet Multimedia Club