SEO? Don’t Over Think It

Don't get frustrate over SEO.Most people who work on optimizing their website pages get all worked up over how confusing the effort is. But SEO really isn’t that tough I think.

I recently read a post in which a marketer said, “When I stopped trying to make money online – I started making money online.”

Seems to me that search engine optimization works pretty much like that. When you publish content on your blog you want the search engines to pick it up and show it to their viewers who are interested in the topic you’re publishing about.

So, yeah, you need to perform a few tasks to make that happen. But are those tasks hard to perform?

Let’s take a look at blogging with SEO in mind.

Very few people (relatively speaking) really understand how to optimize their content so the search engines consider it worthy enough to place it high in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Those are the pages where you see the lists of websites after you perform a search on a search engine like Google.

And SEO truly is nothing more than the art of getting the search engines to take enough notice of your content – your blog posts and pages in this case – to rank it high in those SERPs.

Hopefully on page one.

Of course, that art has historically “been a back and forth” between marketers and the search engines from the beginning. Some internet marketing (IM) super brain finds a chink in the search engine’s algorithm armor cheats its way around the search engine’s scrutiny and squirms its way to the top of the listings.

Then in a very short period of time one of the super minds that work for the search engine sees that cheating going on and closes off the chink in the armor. Suddenly the IM super brain’s website traffic plunges and he scrambles off looking for a new chink.

In the meantime everybody that super brain IMer sold his work around tactic to just lost their income streams because they trusted everything to what they bought into.

Simple Considerations To Bear In Mind

SEO is easy enough if you keep a few things in mind when you create your content.

Your article or post must have a subject and your subject should become your keyword. Put that in the main title, in at least one subtitle, and once or twice for every 100 words or so.

Also, use variations of the keyword. By that I mean that the keyword for this article is SEO but if you look back through my words you’ll see variations on that such as search engine optimization, optimizing, and optimize their content.

Your keyword variations only need to inform the search engine about what the subject of your page or post really is so that engine knows who to show it to.

Certainly you need to learn enough about SEO that you can perform searches for the proper keyword.

After that, you just need to create the content that matches up to that keyword.

That’s where that marketer I mentioned earlier comes along to give us some help.

Once you have that keyword just forget all about optimizing. Throw it out of your mind completely.

You know your subject, don’t you? So start delivering on that subject. Have fun creating your page or post. Let the information flow out naturally. Organize it so it has high value to the visitor. Make it something they can use to cure an ache, solve a problem, or in some way improve their quality of life.

When you’re writing your article or post, write from your heart. Let the reader feel that you care about helping him.

When you create in that way the content optimization tends to take care of itself without conscious effort on your part.

Don’t worry about the search engines.

All they care about is giving their searchers what they’re searching for.

Just provide great content. Heck, they’ve got a whole team of those super minds working on that algorithm continuously. You can be the smartest person alive and you wouldn’t stand a chance against a team like that.

You have lots of options for attracting visitors to your blog anyway. You won’t rely completely on the search engines. We’ll discuss some other traffic methods in my next publication.

I’ll talk a bit about monetizing too.

Until then have a look at this traffic source and study some more on blogging and SEO.

Or get started creating some of that content for your blog. The more you publish, the more the search engines give you some SERP love.