The Majority Of People Really Suck Bad At List Building – Why?


In my last article on list building, we talked about the basic concept. If you missed it, or want to refresh your memory, you can read it at

But in short list building is the act of tempting people to subscribe to your email list by giving them something of value in return.

Like I said though, that's basic concept, and there is more involved in perfecting the technique. There's no value to you if you don't make money off the list while you grow it, and I'll cover that in a later article.

In this message I want to cover what it takes to actually build your list.

By now I'm sure that you understand the product you giveaway is what makes, or breaks, the success you achieve in your list building efforts. If the people who come to your site can't see value in your free offer, there's no way they'll think it worth paying for with their email addresses.

And the whole idea of giving something away in this case is to get that contact information so your list grows.

Most people get that part wrong in that they think just any old ebook or PDF will work as long as it's relative to the subject of their niche.

That is so not true.

If you're not careful with your giveaway selection, you won't collect any email addresses, and your business income will drop like a rock tossed off a cliff. You absolutely MUST choose the right product to give to your visitors – one that they'll jump all over each other trying to get to your opt in box.

You just can't get this wrong!

That's all well and good, right? But how do you find this miracle product to give away?

You could get hold of a PLR product – if you're a good writer. They mostly consist of old information, and low quality information that's been handed out by way too many other people who wanted to build their own lists.

But like I said, if you're a good writer, AND if you have some knowledge/experience in the subject matter of the PLR, you could completely re-write it with a fresh slant, and in your own words to make it fresh, valuable, and useful.

But you're most likely better off creating a PDF, video, or ebook from scratch.

Ideally you'll do that with information you know about – and have passion for. Do that and your giveaway will be current, in your own voice, and have value for the reader.

When you have experience and passion people recognize you as an expert in your chosen niche. That experience helps you to understand the people who want to get hold of the information about that niche.

And you can present that information to them in the same way that they talk among themselves.

That makes sense doesn't it?

But what if you don't know the niche? What if it isn't exactly one of your passions? And you want to get involved with it because you know there are a lot of buyers of the niche's related products?

Then I suggest that you need to outsource the creation of your giveaway product. It doesn't have to be a real big product. It just needs to have a high perceived value, and that won't cost a lot – relatively speaking.

Some sites where you can have a short ebook, PDF, video, or software program created are,, (although at fiverr I would expect to pay more than $5 for good quality content), and

You can also Google “freelance work” or “outsource” to find other sources for hiring the work done.

When you decide what form your product will take you might consider an educational video. People recognize them as higher value than ebooks and PDFs, with a useful software program representing the highest value in giveaway products.

The main key to getting your giveaway product right is make sure it has high value, and is highly useful to your prospect. The more your visitor views your product as a MUST HAVE item the more likely he'll be at forcing his contact information on you.

Which is what you want – isn't it?

Now, after saying that let me add that the giveaway doesn't have to be perfect. It's most important that you get it created, and available to your prospects. Don't overthink it. Don't take forever creating it.

Get it done, and get it online in front of some eyeballs.

If you have nothing out there – you have no income.

Get it as high value as you can, quickly.

In my next article, I'll talk about how you can start using your giveaway product to create streams of income for your business.

Miss that and, well, that'll be your loss most certainly.

Until then start working on your giveaway.

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