3 Internet Marketing Mistakes That Make You Fail

In this article, I’ll talk about 3 internet marketing mistakes that cause many businesses to shut down and give you some insights into ways you can avoid making those mistakes – and help smooth your path to online marketing success.

The First Of The 3 Internet Marketing Mistakes Is Blah Content

3 Internet Marketing Mistakes - Blah ContentWhen you publish a website for your business (and if you’re a serious netpreneur you definitely want your business to have one or more internet properties) you must fill it with high quality and interesting content.

A huge mistake that many new marketers make is to post articles on their websites that mimic what everybody sees on thousands of other websites. If your information duplicates what your potential readers already viewed elsewhere you’re giving them no value. Those potential readers will click away from your site faster than a tornado crashing through a trailer park.

And they will never come back to visit you again.

So how do you avoid this internet marketing mistake?

As I stated, your content must be high quality and interesting. The question is: What exactly does that mean?

High-quality content for your site is information that gives a new perspective or a different angle on the subject – told in your voice.

It gives your readers answers that they’re looking for. It solves problems. It eases pains. It provides pleasure. It helps your readers move forward on their path to a comfortable future.

High-quality information helps your readers grow by giving them something they did not know.

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Internet Marketing Mistake #2 – No Traffic Plan

High-quality content is important. But if nobody visits your site nobody sees that content and if nobody sees your valuable content it does you absolutely no good.

So you must create a plan for attracting visitors to your website. It’s called Traffic Generation Technique and not performing traffic generation is a biggie when it comes to these 3 internet marketing mistakes.

You have a number of options for generating traffic. In fact, there are so many methods that you can’t possibly operate every one of them at one time. That would be too confusing and trying to learn all of the techniques leads to what we call information overload. Most people who catch that disease ultimately give up in frustration.

Don’t get caught up in that guaranteed path to failure!

The ideal way to create a traffic plan is to select three to five generation techniques and use them to steer visitors toward your site. Once you have your plan choose ONE of the methods you have in that plan. Learn it, put it into place and get it working. Then take your second choice and repeat the learning/initiation process.

Do that one technique at a time until you have all of them working to get readers to your content.

Once you know your 3 to 5 techniques and use them like they’re second nature you can explore other techniques if you wish.

I said there are a lot of traffic generation techniques for you to choose from and I’m not going to even attempt to list them all, but I will tell you what my favorite ones are. That should help you get a start toward creating your business traffic plan.

There are two basic types of traffic generation methods. Those are free and paid. You’ll eventually want to use both types for your business.

My favorite free traffic generating methods are:

Social Media Advertising – I focus on Facebook and Futurenet but this method includes Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Instagram, and others.

Classified Ads. One example of this is Craig’s List. An online search will give you thousands of others.

Blog & Forum Marketing. Posting articles and questions along with commenting on other people’s posts.

Article Marketing. This one is powerful. If you write those high-value articles I talked about earlier you can publish an occasional one someplace other than on your website like article directories, other people’s blogs, and forums.

My favorite paid methods include:

All of the methods I listed in the free section above also include paid opportunities.

Solo Ads. These work very well if you know how to work them. You do need to be careful. Learn the method before jumping into it and always research the vendors you’re considering to make sure they provide targeted results. Many solo ad vendors have less than ideal levels of integrity.

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Failure To Build A List – It’s The 3rd Internet Marketing Mistake

The last of these 3 internet marketing mistakes is not getting subscribers to your list.

The best way to succeed with an online business is to build a list of people who want to read the content that you provide and who want to buy the products that you offer. If you don’t have those people on a list of subscribers you have no way to let them know when you’ve published new content.

Most of us start out as affiliate marketers (promoting other marketers products for commissions) and later many create their own products.

The key is that you don’t want to send people straight from your web page to the affiliate product offer that resides on the product owner’s site. If you do that you’re giving that subscriber to that product owner and you are not turning that customer into your subscriber.

Your highest profit margins come with repeat customer purchases. If they aren’t subscribed to your list you don’t get repeat sales from them.

The most successful netpreneurs have huge lists because they understand that the Pareto Principle applies when they market to their subscribers. That principle states that 20% of your subscribers will give you 80% of your sales.

The larger the list the greater the number of sales you enjoy from your 20%.

To build your subscriber list create what is called a squeeze page (also known as a landing page) that has a sign up form on it where the visitor can enter their email address to be added to your list.

The most successful squeeze pages offer a free product in return for the contact information. The free product normally comes in the form of a software program (the most valued form of freebies), a training video (2nd in value), an audio, or a digital book. Those freebies must give high value to the subscriber. If they don’t that person will immediately unsubscribe from your list.

Understand that it’s important to continue giving your subscribers useful information and occasional freebies to keep them on your list.

You definitely want to keep them happy with you.

Avoid These 3 Internet Marketing Mistakes

As you pursue your online business make sure that you do not commit any of these 3 internet marketing mistakes. If you do your business is doomed to become just another statistic among the failed business startups that litter the online marketing highways.

Always find ways to provide valuable services to others and you’ll enjoy a lifestyle that you only dream of today.

And be sure to take a look at your invitation to The Yellow Brick Road to find a way to not only get help for your comfortable future but to also become a netpreneur who gives other people the same opportunity.

Give enough people what they want and they’ll give you everything that you want.” Zig Zigler