How Can Blogging Make You Money?

If you don’t know much about blog sites then I imagine you’re wondering how does blogging make you money?

Blogging Make You MoneyAnd how does a blog make you enough money to replace a nine to five job?

That’s what this article intends to answer for you. Not in depth – there are courses available for that – but here you’ll find some basic ideas for monetizing a blog and getting people who have an interest in the subject matter to visit it.

There are actually two activities that take your site to a level where it makes money for you. Those are blog monetization and traffic generation and I’ll briefly describe these two activities one at a time.

Monetization Helps Blogging Make You Money

You can earn $50 every month and you can earn $10,000 or more each month. It really takes the same amount of energy to earn at one level as it does the other – the same amount of work.

And the earnings level you shoot for is entirely up to you.

Some ways to help your blogging make you money include:

Posting affiliate links

Displaying affiliate banners

Offering your services

Advertising your own products

List building

Video marketing

There are many more but understand that you don’t want to integrate a lot of these methods all at one time. Trying to learn more than one or two at a time will only confuse you and infect you with information overload.

Start suffering from that and your efforts will take you nowhere. Certainly, you’ll not be moving in the direction you want to go.

You can place these monetization methods in your side bar and/or in pop-up ads. You can place links in the text of your blog content. You can also embed videos inside your posts.

There is no limit to how you can use these techniques to get your blogging to make you money.

I must caution you here not to use too many of these methods on each page of your blogging efforts. Overdoing the marketing will turn people away from your site and you want your visitors to stay there to check out your content. If the visitor sees too much advertising and decides you’re spamming he’ll click away from your site in a heart beat and never come back.

You won’t find any success if that happens.

If you aren’t sure about how to make that work right just take a look at your site from the eyes of your visitor and ask yourself if you’re getting value from what you see there. Or do you feel like there’s nothing there other than something for sale?

If you don’t want to hang around on the site your visitors won’t either.

Traffic Generation Helps With Blog Monetization

I talked about SEO in another article and how you shouldn’t really overthink it or be too concerned about it.

You can get a look at that article here:

SEO should certainly not be the first action you take to generate traffic for your blog site. And I don’t believe it’s wise at all to rely on SEO to help blogging make you money.

The technique of traffic generation consists of paid traffic and free traffic. Those are the only two categories of traffic that exist.

And as in many things of life they each have their own components of good and bad.

For most of us, time is more abundant than money when we first start building our businesses. That means that the free traffic generation methods are the most suitable. We use those initially and add paid traffic generation as our marketing efforts make them affordable.

The most convenient free traffic methods are:

Article marketing. (Typically the first method we put to work for us.)

Video marketing.

Blog commenting.

Guest blogging.

Forum posting.

As with the monetization strategies, it’s best not to try to incorporate more than one or two of these techniques early on. Learn a couple well then add a new one into the mix and learn it.

All of the above methods work very well at getting traffic to help your blogging make you money. They are slow while paid traffic is almost instantaneous for getting results. Eventually, you’ll want to use both techniques in your marketing efforts.

For more on traffic generation visit: (Affiliate link.)

As you use these free traffic strategies you’ll create links that lead people back to your blog site. Those links inadvertently help your SEO. That’s another reason why I say don’t overthink SEO. If you’re blogging the right way SEO takes care of itself most of the time.

Blogging Is An Ongoing Education

As I stated earlier this article covers some basic information about blog monetizing. It’s your obligation to increase your knowledge about these, and other, marketing techniques if you want your business to thrive.

For blogging check out this course at Udemy: (This is not an affiliate link.)

More knowledge is important if you want to make blogging make you money. I suggest that you get as much of that knowledge as you can.

I wish you good fortune as you travel toward your goals.

To your success.