When Your List Is Full Of Interested Subscribers Then The Money Is In The List

Every marketer soon learns that the money is in the list – it’s a common mantra in the internet marketing (IM) arena – but that statement is really only true when your list is full of interested subscribers.When your list is full of interested subscribers

In this article, I’ll cover some methods for creating and maintaining a list of eager subscribers. That list of people who can’t wait to get your email messages and ravenously read your every word.

We all know that a highly targeted email list is very inexpensive in terms of marketing costs. The members opt-in, asking for your mailings. You know that the majority of those subscribers will not only open but also will read what you send them.

Because you can be confident that your message is well received you can include advertisements about the subject related products that you create for your subscribers and affiliate products that you market to them. And you can be reasonably comfortable that a percentage of your subscribers will purchase those products from you.

Not only that but when your list is full of interested subscribers it will grow with a stream of new members who those interested subscribers talk to about the information you send out – if that information turns out to be something that your subscriber’s referrals also happen to be interested in.

When Your List Is Full Of Interested Subscribers You Must Work To Keep It Full Of Interested Subscribers

Your subscribers will only remain subscribers as long as they stay interested in the information you’re sending to them. And if they feel that you’re sending them too many advertisements and not enough useful information they’ll quickly leave your list – never to return.

You must consistently mail them high-value information that is related to the type of content that they originally signed up for.

So let’s talk about some ideas for providing that valuable information so your list grows and doesn’t begin to shrink when your list is full of interested subscribers.

First of all, I try to send out two to three messages that contain only information that’s related to the subject matter that my subscribers expect to learn about. Every third (or fourth) message I create will include not only valuable information but also an introduction to a subject related product (and only one product per in each message) that I believe will be of interest to my readers.

A subject related product that will help them in some way such as fix a problem, heal an ache, or somehow improve their lives in the future.

The easiest and least expensive product is digital. (For instance a book or a software application.)

You spend the time to create it only once. Or you spend the money one time to have someone develop the product for you. If it’s a product that never becomes outdated (evergreen) then you can sell copies for years into the future without much-added effort.

One way to promote your digital product successfully is to simply give them excerpts from the product that contain some of the high-value information. That’s the best way to make them aware of what owning the product will do for them.

Keep up to date in your niche area so you can inform your subscribers about new ideas, theories, discoveries, and products that are emerging from that area.

Be the go to guy or gal for your subscribers to get the latest knowledge. Show them that you always have the freshest info about what they’re interested in.

Place pictures in your articles and newsletters that relate to your content. Pictures of your promoted products are great for grabbing attention also. Don’t go overboard with this. One to three images for any piece of information is plenty.

If They Want It They’ll Keep Coming Back

As I stated earlier make sure your articles are full of information that your subscribers want to read about. Don’t get too complex. Write your content so that every one of your readers can consume it without the potential of confusion.

Keep it entertaining. Mix some humor in sometimes. Humor is also something that you don’t want to go overboard with. Too much and your readers will start thinking you aren’t serious about your subject.

When your list is full of interested subscribers who believe you are the expert in your field and want to see your latest material they’ll keep coming back to your website for new information.

And they’ll hungrily devour every message that you send their way.