Internet Marketing Mistakes That Destroy Your Success


Access to online marketing opens up opportunities for most people to start their own business. Unfortunately the majority of those who do turn to the web to go into business make fatal internet marketing mistakes and, as a result, their business success dreams become nightmares.

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In this article, I’ll talk about three of the biggest mistakes that would be internet marketers unknowingly commit. Avoid them at all cost if you truly want to achieve your dream of earning an income online.

Failure To Focus On Your Internet Marketing Niche

The first thing you’ll need for your internet marketing efforts is a niche. Niche refers to the subject area you’ll work in.

Consider where your strengths lie. What are your most intense interests about? That is the area where you most likely have the highest level of knowledge. And working with products that relate to that area will obviously bring you the greatest satisfaction.

Some examples of niche areas are health, hobbies, lawn care, marketing, education, electronics, management, writing, and arts. This is not a complete list, but you can get an idea from these niche areas.

Products to market in these areas are either physical or digital.

A couple of physical product examples are stethoscope and food supplements for health, sports equipment for hobbies, computers and smartphones for electronics, and books for writing.

Digital products consist of software programs, books, and how to training.

Too many newbies try to do all things at once and as a result, they go chasing after not only all product in a particular niche but often more than one niche.

The key is to focus on one specific niche and the physical products OR the digital products that relate to that niche.

You cannot manage all things related (even in one niche) at one time. You can focus on one type product – in one niche – learn and market those products until you’re an expert, and then you can move into other related product areas for that niche.

Failure To Do Market Research

Is there a demand for the product you’ve chosen to market? Do enough people actually buy it?

How do you know?

Market research is the internet marketing technique of finding out how much demand a product has and is that demand high enough to create a profit, who demands that product, where to find the people who want the product, and what kind of people they are and how they want to hear about the product.

Gary Halbert once said that he’d let you have the choicest location in town to set up your hamburger stand and he’d let you have the best meat available to make your burgers with. All he wanted was a starving crowd and he’d outsell you every day of the week.

Learning how to perform market research, and actually performing it, is an essential key to internet marketing success and most budding entrepreneurs just don’t understand how important the technique is for their online business.

To start your research find out how much competition there is for selling the product you chose to market and the volume of sales they make for that product. If a lot of other entrepreneurs make the product available, and their sales levels are high, then odds are that the demand is healthy and the product is a good candidate for your marketing efforts.

Competition is healthy for your business.

Another activity of internet marketing research is to identify what keyword terms people are searching for that target the product.

If there are a lot of searches for the product every month you’ll know that demand is high.

Failure To Form Customer Relationships

Newbies are often so anxious to get their first sales that they immediate start throwing their advertisements at everybody they can. They flood the pages of social media sites and forums. They buy email lists and slam the inboxes with their internet marketing messages.

That, my friend, is called spamming. Don’t do it. It’s a terminal activity and you’ll fast find yourself on blacklists all over the web.

In order to build customers (and customer loyalty) today you must first establish a trusting relationship with your prospects. Start with messages that convince them you want to help them soothe an ache, fix a problem, live a more satisfying life.

If your potential customers don’t like or believe in you – if they don’t think you can help them in some way – they will never become your customers.

Internet marketing as it exists today is very much like a courtship.

Learn relationship skills if you want your business to succeed.

Avoid These Internet Marketing Mistakes At All Cost

There you have my thoughts on these 3 internet marketing mistakes.

I suggest you make sure you’re aware of them at all times and avoid making them at the risk of having your marketing activities and your dreams come to a screeching halt.

Focus on a specific niche – and a specific product type within that niche, do your market research to make sure the product you select has profit potential, woo your potential customers like a suitor, and you’ll find that the income goals you set for yourself are not so tough to achieve.

Here’s to your success as an internet marketing entrepreneur.