You get your ice cream, you eat it… And Then YOU Charge?



You're going to be pleased with yourself for reading this article.

Take another read of that subject line if you would. “You get your ice cream, you eat it… And Then YOU Charge?”

Think about what how that would look when it actually happens in real time…

You seat your date at a fancy table, order the surf & turf with a nice bottle of wine and a decadent desert…

And when you're finished eating the waiter gives you a couple hundred bucks, says thank you and have a great night.

Ain't gonna happen – right?

No restaurant you ever heard of will pay you for eating their expensive meals.

Thing is though, you can enjoy a similar reality when you build your list – if you set up your campaign properly.

Well, it's not going to be lobster and steak and hundred dollar bills…

But you can build a list for free, and enjoy a profit as you do it.

And at this moment you're most likely wondering how to do that. Am I right?

I'm talking about paid offers.

One time offers (OTOs), upsells, downsells, and similar marketing techniques that pull in paydays for you while you increase your collection of leads.

You not only just added those leads to your list, but before you let them leave your website you might as well offer them something of further value – while you still have their attention.

And that higher value offer can be a product you created, or an affiliate product of some sort that your new lead can buy. It must be a highly desirable product. Affiliate products make sense here (at least at first) because the work of creating them, and the marketing materials is done for you. The offer should be a component of a complete funnel that leads to those upsells and downsells that I mentioned earlier.

When your lead fills out your opt in form, and clicks on the “Give Me My Freebie” button you send him to a Thank You page. There he sees your message of thanks, and to check his article for the giveaway product download link. Then he clicks on the Thank You page link that takes him to your OTO, or first upsell.

That first upsell product must be related to your giveaway product content wise – because that's the kind of information you offered to grab your lead's interest, and that's the type of information that lead wants to see more of.

Offer something that is totally off the subject of your giveaway, and you'll lose that lead.

If you use the affiliate product the vendor will have the funnel in place like I said. If you use your own product you'll have to create enough higher value products to build your own funnel – and of course you'll have to build that funnel.

Here's how that marketing funnel will look:

The OTO normally costs about $10, and pays 100% (often the case in the internet marketing niche). The first upsell from that will be around $27, and pay 50%. (It's normal for each upsell/downsell after the OTO to pay commissions of 50%.) The next upsell will come in around $47.

That is a low end funnel. High end funnel product upsells reach to upwards of $1000, and some more than $20,000. These are products such as seminars with extremely high perceived value. But they're also wildly profitable for you as the marketer once you get the experience to market them.

All you need to do is set your squeeze page and thank you page up so that your leads get your giveaway, and move on to the funnel.

Then you start driving traffic to your squeeze page. There are a lot of ways to do that, and each technique has its own learning curve.

For now I'm going to talk about the solo ad lead generation technique.

You'll write a short advertisement about the benefits of your giveaway product, and buy a solo ad campaign for $80 to get 200 people to click on your squeeze page link. Solo ad vendors usually over deliver, so you likely get a total of 250 clicks for this campaign.

Let's say you get 35% opt in for your giveaway. That's 87.5 subscribers. Let's call it 87. So 87 leads just cost you 80 bucks.

If your OTO converts well a decent rate is around 5%, so 4 people will buy your OTO. That's $10 each sale, and your 100% commission pays you $40. Now you've only spent $40 to add 87 new leads to your list.

And remember that as long as those leads remain subscribers to your list you get to market to them with new products over & over.

Say one of those buyers also purchase the second upsell at $27, and then go on to buy the third upsell at $47.

For the second sale you get $13.50 commission (added to your $40 commission your income is $53.50, and this campaign cost you an out-of-pocket expense of $26.50).

For the third sale you get $16.50 commission (added to your $53.50 commission your income is now $70.00, and this campaign cost you an out-of-pocket expense of $10.00).

That's pretty realistic, and once you get some experience at this you'll be able to increase your conversion rates and quickly be in profit for every future list building campaign.

Then you start buying bigger solo ads, and that gets you discount rates for even higher profits.

List building with solo ads isn't very hard, but what I just talked about is exciting isn't it? Especially since you can find an affiliate product, get your personal link for that product, and start making money by repeating the process and scaling up on your experience.

It's all a matter of learning the process, and improving your marketing skills.

If you're truly serious about building an online business you must keep educating yourself about the techniques that are involved in doing so. Here's a way to get the education you need – not only for finding out how to build a list, but also building a business from the ground up – everything you need right here:

Start with the foundation inexpensively. Learn the fundamentals. Put that learning into action. Continue your marketing education to ramp your business into true success.

Next I'll talk about traffic.

Bet you can't wait for that information.

If you miss that you're gonna have one real tough time growing that list of leads.