Discover How To Generate Low Cost Traffic To Your Offer

Here are 5 techniques for getting visitors to your
website for minimum out-of-pocket expense

It goes without saying – or it should go without saying – that if your offer has no visitors your bank account gets no financial refreshment.

If nobody sees your marketing message it plain don't matter how good your copy is.

And that old worn out cliché, “If you build it, they will come?” Well, that one maybe worked in the ancient history of the internet – you know, back in the 1980s and 90s? – but it just ain't so today. If you want eyeballs visiting your website today you have to develop your skills of Traffic Generation.

The best way to get visitors to your offer, and it's also the fastest way to find out if your offer converts into sales, is to buy traffic. Thing is you don't want to pay for all your traffic. You want to get as much inexpensive (or organic) traffic as possible to maximize your earnings.

So just how do you get that low-cost (or even free) traffic to come running to see what your product is all about?

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There are dozens of techniques you can use to get low-cost traffic. But in this article I'm only going to tell you about five of them – because that's what I said I'd talk about in the title…


Let me be clear that when I say free, or low cost, I mean in the financial form. You don't have to pay out any, or very much, money for these methods (although you can if you find one that works well and want to scale it up), but you will still have to spend your time – and your time sometimes becomes more valuable than money.

First off let's talk about classified ads.

If you do a Google search on the keyword term “free classified ads sites,” you'll get a  return of more than 1.7 million results.

What you do is create your short advertisement that talks to what is great about your product. What all it will do for the person who uses it. And submit that ad to the classified ads site. The site will then either review (or not) your ad for approval, and publish it if it's acceptable to their terms of service (TOS).

Your ad will contain an address that links to the sales page for your product, and if the person viewing the ad is interested in learning more he'll click on your link to visit your offer.

You can spend all day submitting your ads to the classifieds free of cost. Or you can go to a service site like Fiverr, and pay $5 or so to have somebody bulk submit your ad to the sites for you.

The next method is called
Guest Blogging or Blog Commenting.

These are actually two different methods, but I'm going to give you an extra one here and talk about both in one step.

To get involved in Guest Blogging you simply write a short article (600 – 700 words) consisting of content that is highly valuable for the blog site's readers. Then you submit that article to the blog site's owner for publication on his blog site.

Blog Commenting is what you do when you visit somebody's blog, read an article, and then leave a comment that includes your opinion, and some helpful information in the comment section below the blog post.

Always read all of the other comments already published so you know what others have said. You don't want to come off looking like a total newbie by repeating something that's already been said. And you do want to make sure your comments are beneficial to others so they view you as somebody who knows what he's talking about.

There's also the fact that if your comment or guest blog don't help others it will be rejected by the blog owner. And that defeats your purpose for submitting it in the first place.

If your post or comment does get published you get to include your offer link in what is called a bio box. That's where you write a short description about yourself, and include your product sales page link.

Next up is Forum Posting.

For any niche you select for your marketing efforts there are a number of forums online about that niche. People who are interested in the niche visit the forum to share ideas and help each other increase their skills in providing products and services that are related to the niche.

Keep that in mind because if you don't contribute you won't succeed with this method.

Forum Posting is very similar to Guest Blogging and Blog Commenting. You submit articles as threads, and you comment on articles and comments that other people publish.

Forums don't have bio boxes, but they do have what are called Signatures (or SigFiles). You have to qualify as a helpful contributor before you can have a sigfile. This qualification often requires a specified number of posts and/or comments that actually do contribute to the value of the forum. Your sigfile can be a link to your sales page.

Writing articles for publication on sites
other than blogs and forums.

There are a bunch of websites that cater to article writers. A quick search I just made gave me over 6-million results.

You can write an article and submit it to one of these sites. I say one because the best ones won't accept an article that's been published somewhere else. That's because Google punishes websites that have what is called duplicate content.

They will check your article to make sure it is original material.

Here again, you get to describe yourself in a bio box and add your offer link.

You can also syndicate articles that you write for publication on your own websites. You write the article like a news piece and submit it to news sites for re-publication.

Contributing to online giveaway events.

Giveaway events is one of my favorite methods for generating free or low-cost traffic.

This technique involves giving a basic information product away in return for the email address of the individual who wants the product.

One nice thing about this is that you create your product one time, and then you submit it to giveaway events for years to come – if your product remains current for those years. (We refer to a product that remains current as Evergreen.)

You can create your product from scratch. Or you can get yourself a good quality product that has PLR, and re-write it in your own words.

PLR is private label rights. Full PLR (which is what you want for this) gives you the right to change anything about the product. And you want to do that too. Create a new cover photo, and make sure you go through the product. Update the content and make it yours.

Your goal is to make it a product original to you so you're not giving away the same thing as other people are giving away.

When someone downloads your product from the giveaway event they get added to your list, and you can market to them from then on – until they decide to unsubscribe from your list.

There you have your 5 low-cost traffic generation methods.

With an extra one tossed in as a little bonus to you for reading my article.

When you use these methods and any of the other free or low-cost techniques for getting visitors to your offer keep in mind that they take time. You can get instant results with a decent paid traffic generation campaign because there are eyeballs on your ad almost immediately.

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But the low-cost methods are slow to get in front of the eyes that need to see them.