3 Tips For Making Content Believable

How Do You Get Your Reader To Believe What You Write?

Most people have a certain amount of skepticism about everything they read or hear these days.overcome-skepticism

Everybody, in their lifetimes, experience deceit – from unscrupulous trying to scam them, from marketers who exaggerate their product benefits to convince them to buy.

So, how do you get past this skepticism, and get your reader to believe what you tell him?

Here are three methods that might just make you a better writer.


Before you start writing know what objections will appear in your readers mind about your subject.

And trot thos rascals out right at the very beginning. Address them immediately.

This will grab attention, and increase your credibility.


Show them that your words are true.

Convince them with case studies that show where others have successfully used your content to make wise decisions.

And use testimonials. When it comes to proving to your reader that you are sincere testimonials are pure gold.

More Information

Sometimes what you write about is clear enough that all you need do is offer a more in depth explanation.

Use facts to convince. For instance you tell him that because your guarantee is risk free to the point that he has ample time to try your ideas out, and suffer no loss if what you tell him fails to help him.

Tickle his emotions with a story based on past experiences, those of you & other people, with what you write about..

To magnify the success rate of using more information combine the rational with the emotional.

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