Shiny New Object Syndrome – Beware This Online Marketing Disease – It Will Destroy Your Business

There is one truth in internet marketing…A major roadblock for every person who starts a make money online endeavor is what we call Shiny New Object Syndrome.

It’s like someonShiny New Object Syndromee buying a lottery ticket when they never did before simply because the pot is bigger this week than it was last week.

Wake up people!

That new marketing system – that cutting edge “get rich with the push of a button opportunity” – is nothing more than a gimmick to suck the money right out of your pocket. Most of the time these “shiny new objects” won’t work.

The so-called gurus who market this junk don’t make money by using the techniques in the systems they promote. They make their money by selling the techniques they promote.

Which, of course, means they don’t have any idea themselves if what they’re selling works.

These guys are out for the fast buck by taking advantage of hopeful newcomers with shiny new object syndrome, and the end result most often is that they hurl your dreams against the cliff – and leave you there shattered and broke.

While they wear a big smile to the bank!

These people have no integrity. They’re not interested in helping anybody but themselves.

In order to avoid these unscrupulous thieves, you must do your research – your due diligence.

Learn to recognize their shady tactics. Learn how to successfully build an online business. Learn how to be aware of and avoid the lure of shiny new object syndrome.

And find marketers who actually have your success in mind.

They’re out there – entrepreneurs who go out of their way to help others. Marketers who actually use the techniques they teach to grow their businesses on a daily basis.

Those are the ones you want to learn from. The ones you want as your mentors.

And if you want success in making money online your true path is to find or create a product that has value to your followers. Something that helps them grow, and makes them better than they were.

Then use the guidance of your mentors to get your product in front of the people who can use it to fuel their growth.

Don’t let yourself be distracted by those “Shiny New Objects.” Don’t let the unscrupulous marketers lure you away from what promises to work for you.

Focus on what your mentors teach you.

You have to grow as a person in order to find the success you dream about. Chasing after the next product launch isn’t going to help you. You buy that product, or marketing system, spend a few days or weeks looking through it, and the next shiny object launches and it’s, “Wow, that’s certain to work. That’s gonna make me rich by next week!”

And the product you bought just a few days ago starts gathering dust on your hard drive – never to be looked at again.

How do you expect to get anywhere jumping from one shiny object to the next one, to the next one, and to the next one like that???

It’ll never happen.

Shiny New Object Syndrome is an illness – an addiction. You need to recognize it for what it is and heal yourself from the disease.

Stop listening to the offers of that hot new way to build a business.

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Make sure you research what you find there. Do your due diligence.

Don’t just listen to me when I say this is an exceptional training site to get your online business building education from. Find out for yourself.

And good luck.

To your success,

Joe Jackson

Any questions or feedback? Please feel free to contact me at my personal business email address: [email protected]