Social Media Site Pays Members For Their Activity

How much time do you spend on Facebook each day?

As much time as you spend on the job?


Is your phone constantly logged in so you get instant notification when anybody posts to your wall, and you snatch that phone right up to see what the post is all about?

Well… let me ask you this:

Do you get paid to check those posts out, and to answer them?

Do you get paid just for logging into Facebook in the first place?

Hi, Im Joe Jackson, and I can show you how to accomplish that. Not on Facebook – no – not going to happen far as I know.

But I want to tell you about a social media site called FutureNet (FN). Its a lot like Facebook, except FN actually pays you to be active on the site.FN_LOGO_3

Thats doing things like logging in to your account, sending messages to friends, posting – pretty much stuff youre doing now on Facebook for free.

They even have a business building component for you, if youre interested in going that direction.

Its an option, and one that you can jump into with less than a $20 bill. (Creating your basic FN social account doesnt cost anything.)

Create your account now. Go here:

Ive partnered with a group of high power online business leaders to help people who have an interest in the business side to grow their business.

And for those jumping in right now this promises to be a huge growth potential. Especially since we add our efforts to yours – thatll make it hard not to grow.

FutureNet started a little over 2 years ago as a social media platform, and has consistently grown over that time. It has no debt, and generates revenues with a wide variety of services & products.

The business building part allows members to buy into a variety of what FN calls “Friends Trees.” You earn 5% commission on each new business member joining beneath you in a 3X10 matrix. And you get that commission whether you personally bring that person in or not.

Thats what I was talking about when I said, “we add our efforts to yours.”

You can build 6 different matrixes – depending on what level youre at in the business heirarchy. The lowest is $10.

Each matrix consists of over 88,000 positions.

That means that a full $10 matrix means $44,000 to you. The top matrix level is $1000 – fill that up? Over $4.4 million.

Not saying thats gonna happen real fast, but I think you get the idea.

In addition to paying you for the time you spend on the social media platform, and building the business (should you choose to do so), FN is set to launch a revenue share program on April 1, 2016 to take this opportunity to a new level.

That, too, is optional. But for the basic option you buy an advertising pack, FN sells the advertising, and then pays you, over time, 120% in return.

Not bad, huh?

Like I said, you get set up with the social platform by creating a free account.

And if you want to start a business online you can just upgrade to the matrix of your choice, and if you start at the $10 level you can upgrade to each higher level matrix as you earn. The higher the level youre at the higher your commission.

Anyway. To start getting paid just to surf this social media site for nothing out of pocket just click on this link right here:

FutureNet Multimedia Network Club