Traffic Generation For Your Website – Keep These Tips In Mind


Traffic generation is a key marketing technique for every online entrepreneur. We want it, we want lots of it, and we want it now.

Traffic Generation TechniquesThe problem is many budding marketers don’t have a clue about how to drive traffic to their online real estate – when they try to attract hordes of visitors they get it all wrong. And when they do manage to get their visitation numbers up they lack the skills necessary to convert that traffic into sales for their businesses.

It’s imperative that you study traffic generation techniques so you position yourself in preparation for massive amounts of traffic. And know that the number of visitors has no value for you if those visitors do not convert into those sales that your business requires in order to survive.

Traffic Generation Demands Targeted Traffic

The first requisite is that the traffic you attract must be targeted traffic. You’ve gotta find the people who not only have an interest in the type of offer you’re marketing, but they’ve also gotta be proven buyers of a product in that type of offer.

They have to be hungry for what you have to sell.

Secondly, your product must be high value to your customers. It must help them solve a problem, soothe an ache, or smooth their path in some way that makes them satisfied and happy enough to visit you again for future products that help them in other ways.

They must be pleased enough with your product – AND you – that they subscribe to your mailing list in anticipation of more solutions that you offer them.

That way you have a method for contacting them with each new product your business creates or finds that relates to what they want.

An important idea to traffic generation is that you select one or two (no more) techniques at one time. Study them, internalize them, and use them until you know them very well. Then choose one or two more traffic building methods to study.

If you spend your time jumping from one technique to another you’ll never get the high quality, targeted traffic that you need for success.

Consistency is the way to go.

To get you started here are 3 traffic generation techniques for your consideration.

Form A Partnership

Find other marketers who are successful in your niche. Marketers who have large subscriber lists and partner with them.

Approach them with the idea of offering your product to their subscribers. Give your partner resell rights to your product with a specified percentage of the profit for each sale. Offer to market his product to your list.

Understand that your product must be high value to the members of that marketer’s list. No marketer has an interest in presenting junk to his highly valued subscribers.

Give Away Something Of Value

Giving away a quality product is a proven method of traffic generation.

Offer this product to affiliate marketers, list them on giveaway events, advertise them on classified ads like Craig’s List, and place them as freebies on your own websites.

The giveaway product can be a book (preferably one you write yourself), a report or case study (case studies are regarded as high value), or a software program (also highly valued).

Inside these products, you include links to your marketing offers (that are related to the subject of the giveaway product). People read or use the product, get interested in the subject matter, and click the links to have a look at other products that you have to offer them.

To generate even more traffic to this giveaway product make sure you offer giveaway rights to anyone who gets it.

You could end up with a viral opportunity.

Publish Content That Search Engines Love

If you’ve been a marketer for any length of time you know that the search engines (especially Google) just love high quality and totally unique content.

Writing unique content is most important but it does also need to be good quality or people won’t read much of it. And you need people to want to read what you write or they won’t be back for more content on your site in the future.

The more articles you publish on your site the better. Make sure you don’t publish a bunch of articles all at one time. Google knows that nobody writes fast enough to do that. You’re better off writing and publishing one article each day, week, or maybe twice a week. That’s more realistic.

And remember what I said above about consistency?

Again, as in your giveaway product, place links to your paid products in your articles so your customers can go buy the ones that interest them.

Get Traffic Generation Right For Constant Visitors

There are a lot of traffic generation techniques available to you. The techniques above are proven to work well for those who understand how to work them properly. And they are certainly enough methods to get you started well along your path to marketing success.

Just remember it’s best to incorporate them one at a time. Learn them and get them working smoothly for you before putting the next one to work.

Remember these traffic generation tips and you’ll do fine as long as you have high-value products and content to offer your visitors.

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To your success.