A Great Outline Makes For A Quality Product


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You'll want to give this article your most lasered focus, because what I'm talking about here will give you a jackrabbit start on your product creation project.

If you went through the idea gathering activities I gave you in my last article you have a decent list of ideas to start working with. And if at least one or two of those ideas didn't keep you awake last night – you will need a new list, because none of the ones you have are gonna become the product that bloats your bank account.

If you did lay awake all last night thinking about what you're gonna do with these great ideas you have then you're definitely ready for the next step in your process my friend.

And that next step is to create the outline that guides you step-by-step through the creation of your information masterpiece.

So let's talk about how you do that…

I'm going to use my “how to pitch tents” idea example for you here.

Start with your main topics and turn them into chapters. Under each chapter you'll break your main topics into sub-topics.

Here's what I mean:


Choosing & preparing the tent site.


What to look for in ground contour

How to make the site ready for the tent


Tools you'll need.


Hammer or axe.

Tarpauline or dropcloth.


Erecting the tent


Small tents (pup tents).


Installing the poles

Securing the tent

Rain fly


Light tents. (hiking, mountain climbing)


Installing the poles

Securing the tent


Dome tents (3 to 4 people).


Installing the poles

Securing the tent

Rain fly


Family size tents.


Installing the framework

Securing the tent


Each style of tent will have different setup procedures, and even within each style you'll find differences for how to pitch tents.

Remember how those table of contents looked in the books you researched for your ideas? When you create this outline, format it like those, because your outline will be the table of contents for your product. Do the work one time, and use it twice.

To be certain you get some good information in your product research youtube, vimeo, and various subject related websites. Just do a search for your subject (keyword) to find information sources.

For my example above I would search for the keyword: how to pitch a tent.

Of course if you have experience with your subject you maybe don't need to do any research. If that's the case go ahead and get your outline completed.

Once you have the information making the outline is easy.

Now you're ready to start fleshing out the outline and turning it into your product. We'll start having a look at that process in my next visit.

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Once you learn it, internalize it, and act on it – you have the power to succeed with it!

Watch for my next article. We'll start putting that product together.

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