Protect Your Online Business Income

Do Not Plan Your Business Financial Failure

Too often you see advertising that tells you to focus your efforts on building one income stream for your business.

Most of this comes from entry level marketers who have very little experience in creating a truly sustaining business. They want you spending all your money with them, so they try to sell you on following their strategies.

And if you follow what they preach – you are guaranteed to fail as a true business builder.I didn't build multiple streams of income...

If you are following someone who hasnt learned how to successfully build multiple streams of income, you are following that one person whos teaching you how to be broke.

LISTEN! If you really want financial stability in your life … if you want to learn how to build a true business … if you want business security (that you can lose in an instant if your one source of income shuts down)

… Then find a mentor who knows how to build a real business – with multiple streams of income.

And let your mentor show you how its done!

Heres a multiple income opportunity you can check out right now.


Let me tell you about my
“one income stream” experience.


I had a major career of 27 years, working in quality engineering.

It was my dream job. I really like to travel, and thats what I did. My duties consisted of traveling around to various electronics manufacturing contractors, reviewing their manufacturing processes, and evaluating them for contractual compliance.

Travel? You bet.

I visited contractors in England, Canada, California, Iowa, Florida, New York. Among other places.

I pretty much boarded an airplane every week to go some place. And I enjoyed every minute of it.

One day my branch head walked into my cubicle. “Joe” he says “take a walk with me.” He didnt seem to cheerful, and I asked him what was up. He said, “Just come with me.”

We walked to the department heads office. He asked me to have a seat, and then proceeded to tell me that I was being laid off. They didnt need my services any more.

It was a shock to me. It was news to my sponsors too. Those sponsors paid my company $150,000 a year for me to travel to subcontractor locations, and make sure they werent violating their contracts.

My company paid me $49,700 a year to give my sponsors what they wanted.

So my company (after paying my salary) grossed $100,300 every year – and they let me go.

Nice of them, huh?

But I think you get what I mean when I say you really, really dont want to rely on a single stream of income.

I was pretty devastated for a while after that.

But I luckily already had my online business started, and that experience burned into my mind the insanity of focusing on only one income stream in search of financial freedom.

You Are Your Own Boss

If you want to be successful at building a real business you MUST take the responsibility of learning the skills that success in business requires. You MUST take the responsibility of learning the techniques that keep you effective at making a safe, secure income.

If you allow yourself to work on only one income stream you might as well work at a regular job, take the risk of losing that one income (and not be able to pay your bills), and pretty much stay broke, living paycheck to paycheck, the rest of your life.

Every business system entity (affiliate marketing, multi-level marketing, etc.) has the right to change their program, pay plan, and business nature. When that happens – if you dont have a multiple income strategy in place – YOU LOSE!

When you have that multiple income strategy in place your overall income is stable. You might lose one income stream, but the others remain, you maintain the ability to pay your bills, and have the flexibility to add a new stream of income to replace the one you lost.

In his book, Multiple Streams of Income, Robert Allen writes about the downside of having only one income stream in your business.

Sources come and go.

If you rely on only one product provider, and that provider suddenly disappears from the marketing scene – so does your business income. And youll scramble to replace that income, or your business goes down the drain right along with it.

For you to make sure your business is safe its important that you have several sources for product that provide you with the income you need in order to achieve success.

Another thought is to build your multiple streams of income in various niches to further insure you dont face the potential of losing everything.

Now, I cant guarantee that youll achieve success by putting together different sources that can give you a variety of profit avenues.

That certainly depends on how much you desire success, and how much effort you put in to growing that success.

But I can introduce you to an opportunity with 4 income streams (all under one umbrella) you can add to your business right now.

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Multiple Income Streams For Business Security