Yellow Brick Road. A Strategy For Driving Traffic To Your Site.

Every marketer needs traffic. No matter what business niche you're in you won't find much success if you don't make sales.

And you can't make those sales if you don't have potential customers visiting your establishment. (Whether that be a physical store front on Main Street, Anytown, USA, or a virtual website on the internet.)

For the most part, over my entrepreneurial career, my focus has been outside the “Make Money” niche. I marketed products I created, physical products, informational products, and affiliate products.

Yes some of those affiliate products did deal with the business of making money online, and I did build a couple of websites to market them through, but I gave them little attention.

Like I said – most of my activity remained elsewhere, and I really expected it to stay that way.

But then I happened across this funnel with the name of Yellow Brick Road.

At first that name intrigued me, and then I thought, “Is this just another gimmick to grab the eye of the unsuspecting newbie?”

You see, I've been around a little while in online marketing, and my skeptical needle pegs near to bending when I spot a flash from most of the shiny new objects that come along.

Don't get me wrong. Some of those tools are built with quality, and tend to become very valuable to the fortunate individual who grabs them when they get the early opportunity.

But most of those products? You know, the ones that get churned out like magically appearing miracles carried along by an automatic conveyor belt?

A majority of those things are dreamed up by people who make their income by selling those things.

Meaning they rarely (if ever) put their own products to test by using them to see if they'll actually work.

So yeah, my skeptic's needle was jumping around like a frog on hot coals when I first came across Yellow Brick Road.

But when I saw that it doesn't cost anything to get started I thought maybe it's not a terrible scam after all.

And decided to take a closer look. Even though it's in a niche I wasn't really interested in.

And yes, it is in the “Make Money” niche (it offers multiple income stream elements if you desire to put them to use in your marketing arsenal).

But Yellow Brick Road is also in the traffic generation niche, with techniques for making that a self-sustaining activity.

And after taking a look at it I thought, “I can use this to power traffic to every one of my income streams.”

That makes the Yellow Brick Road funnel real versatile for me.

So I added it to my business tool box.

But rather than me going on about whether or not I think this works, let me introduce you to the strategy for successfully using this funnel. And, of course, you can decide for yourself if you can use it.

You can read all about this strategy (by the way, it's been proven to work) by going here: The Yellow Brick Road.

Or, if you prefer you can get to the Yellow Book Road funnel by clicking on the following link: (my affiliate link).

To your success,

Joe Jackson, Free Spirit Enterprises LLC