Just Cause Somebody Said So Don’t Make It A Scam

Joe Jackson

Have you seen the so-called reviews that claim this or that opportunity is a scam?

Do you believe those reviews are legitimate?

You’d be justified in thinking some of those opportunities are scams – because it’s true that some launches absolutely are scams.

Not all of them though.

And I’m told that there’s at least one business opportunity out there that teaches it’s affiliates to perform fake reviews about other companies with the sole purpose of identifying those companies as scams – in order to promote their own opportunities.

Don’t know about you but I have to think that’s a bit suspicious.

Have you noticed that when an opportunity is first launched the naysayers are all over the net decrying them as illegitimate companies that are only out to steal your wallet?

You Need To Be Wary Of Reviews

I recently spent some time having a look at what some of those supposed reviews had to say about some companies I’m familiar with. I noticed that often the writers tend to mix some truth in with a whole lot of buffalo chips.

It’s pretty obvious that these misleading writers actually know very little about the companies they’re supposed to be reviewing.

And the review itself? That often turns out to be nothing more than a sales letter in disguise for the company they’re promoting themselves.

Is that ethical?

I’ll let you make your own decision about that.

I don’t personally enjoy bashing a company I’m not involved with – especially when I don’t really know anything about it.

(Yes, sometimes we do need to call out the obvious traps that come along. Especially we marketers who’ve been around long enough to recognize those people who have a history of scamming when they launch opportunity after opportunity that they (after a short period of time) shut down and run away with the members money.)

It happens.

But there are legitimate companies around. Some that stood the test of time. Some that care enough for their members that they constantly improve their company’s operations to protect the membership and help that membership succeed.

Some whose owners/founders actually care about those members.

Your problem is how do you know which companies are on the up-and-up. That’s not always easy.

Choose Wise, Experienced Mentors

The best way I know to do that is find yourself some reliable mentors. People who’ve traveled this business path, failed, faced the obstacles, overcame them, and succeeded.

They’re out here you know. Marketers who are willing to help smooth your path some by sharing their experience.

They’ll challenge you to excel, sure. No mentor worth his salt will let you skate. You honestly can’t grow if the road is too easy to travel.

And you can take the experiences your mentors share with you to form logical questions that will help you investigate whether a company is legitimate. Questions that will help you answer whether a company is a good fit for you and whether it offers a chance of working for you.

Questions like:

How long has the company been in business? (The more years the more stable the company normally is.)

What do the members have to say? (Are there a lot of complaints and if so do they sound legitimate – or are they just crybabies who take offense over minor issues?)

Does the company pay its membership on schedule and does it have a record of paying on schedule?

Do the owners/managers appear committed to the member’s success.

Does someone you know and trust, and/or respect, recommend the company to you?

What do the reviews say? (Do the reviewers seem knowledgeable about the company? Are the reviews merely sales letters in disguise? Are they trying to promote something else at this company’s expense?)

Is the company listed with the Better Business Bureau and if so is that listing favorable?

Great mentors will increase the number of questions on your list and give you a high chance at succeeding at what you want to do.

Seek The Right Answers To The Right Questions

When you answer all of your questions with a high percentage of favorable answers you owe yourself the favor of giving the opportunity a chance to make your life better. Just make sure you commit and do the work that success requires in order to grow that opportunity for you.

If you have any thoughts on this subject please feel free to send your message and/or questions to the email address below. I would certainly enjoy knowing what you have to say.

Joe Jackson
[email protected]