What Value Do You Get When You Give Something Away?



Tell me something.

If you give something away and don't get paid in some way for doing that, where's the value for you?

That's what I thought.

Of course, we want to help other people grow and succeed in ways that only we can, but there's no way we're merely doing it full time with no return. This is how we make our living, isn't it?

Once your offer is published, you've started building an email list and started marketing to it, and if your product has true value for your customer, then you deserve to enjoy an income that lasts.

But your efforts also should pay off in a timely manner. You should keep working to increase your income along the way.

There are a few ways you can get some extra paydays, and they involve creating extra value.

For instance, when you get new subscribers to your list at the same time as you tell them where to get their freebie product you can also tell them about a One Time Offer, or OTO.

And I'll cover that in another article.

First let's talk about how you can grab some more of the money that's on the table by putting product links inside your giveaway that they just signed up for. There's a lot of sales power in doing that.

Why do those links have power?

They're right there inside the free product they thought valuable enough to trade their contact information for. Your giveaway is high quality, high value already, right? When you offer that kind of quality and value you offer a product that helps your subscriber solve a problem, or get something they want. That helps you earn your reader's trust, and that reader is then more open to checking out your other products.

Especially if those other offers are right there in the giveaway, in front of his eyes, and easy to click to.

You don't want to be real forceful with your marketing links. Make sure your link is to a product that's relevant to the subject of your giveaway. For instance, if your giveaway is about remote control toys you can have a link to an RC truck that says, “If you'd like to have a look at powerful RC monster truck here's one of my favorites.”

You can also provide a video or a testimonial to encourage more interest. And include any helpful tips you have in your marketing arsenal.

Make them aware of any honest reviews you know of about the product. Don't steer them toward fake reviews, or statements made by people who were paid to make them.

You'll end up hurting your own credibility by doing that.

And don't overcrowd your giveaway with product links. People will get put off by that, and won't bother to look all the way through the giveaway if you do it. At the very most I would put 3 links, and I prefer to hold it to no more than two.

Thing is, when you put those product links in, and successfully gain the trust of the customer with your valuable information or item, they'll click on those links. Some of them will buy those extra products. And that means an extra payday for you.

In my next article, we'll start looking at how you're going to capture their contact information. That's the part of list building that puts the meat on the table.

I know you'll be surprised at how simple this is, and you'll probably think it can't possibly be as powerful as I say it is. But I think once I explain it – you'll come around to agreeing with me.

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Be on the lookout for my next article. You're about to learn how to start attracting hordes of people who are interested in your niche related products – which is what the subject of your giveaway is all about.