Digital Product – 5 Ideas For Your Arsenal

Among the best products to sell online is digital product.

Digital Product - Life Is A ProcessThey are easy and fast to create, and they have the potential to bring you high profit too. They satisfy the “I want it now” customer urgency because as soon as the payment process is finished the digital product is sitting in the cloud ready for immediate download.

Electronically downloadable products come in the form of books (many call these ebooks, but it’s still a book no matter which way you open its pages), training lessons, membership sites, video series, audios, and software.

Another benefit to creating digital product is that you do the work of making the product only one time and (if your product is evergreen – meaning it never becomes obsolete) you get to sell unlimited copies for years into the future.

All you need to create your product is an idea for what to make it about, the skill to design and format the final package, and knowledge of the subject.

And that skill to design and format plus the knowledge of the subject aren’t things you absolutely must have. You can take your idea to an outsourcing site such as and, and hire a freelancer there to actually make the product for you.

Of course, if you want to do the product creation yourself you can learn how to put it together at my link here:

So all you really gotta have in the end is the idea. And how do you go about getting that?

Digital Product Ideas – 9 Methods For Finding Them

There are a number of ways you use to identify ideas for what you can create a digital product about. And there really isn’t anything about any one of these techniques that should scare you away.

Let me tell you about 9 of the methods you can use to uncover ideas for digital product you can add to your arsenal of things to sell.

Do A Survey

Do you have products you’re selling now?

Find out what about those products your customers like. What don’t they like about those products? Are there any components that those products lack? What problems are not getting solved by the products? What problems are the products solving that can be better served by a new product?

When you find trending issues in the customer responses take note of them. When you have a number of customers telling you about the same, or similar, issues or desires then you have the potential for forming ideas that will turn into new digital product.

Design Digital Product Using New Ideas From Existing Product

Get some good quality products with private label rights (PLR).

You can completely re-write a book that has PLR rights into your own voice. Update it and add additional, useful information to make it a different book altogether. Make sure what you create is high quality.

You can take a software product and re-create it into a version with more useful and added functionality.

If you sell physical product create a subject related digital product.

Say you sell cameras. Write a book about how to take high-quality pictures, how to focus, or how to expertly adjust the settings.

If you sell smartphones design apps that people want to load onto them.

Stalk The Products Of Your Competitors

What are your competitors selling?

Can you imagine a digital product that provides the same benefits?

Consider what their products do for the people who use them. What itches do those products scratch? What pleasures do they give? What pains do they soothe?

Gather all the information about the competitions products that you can and mold it into a digital product idea you can put to use.

Look To Social Media

If you think you have a great idea for a digital product, but aren’t certain, create a quick small version. Give that away to people on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and other social media sites and ask them for their thoughts about the product.

Take their comments and use them to form a full version of your product to release for sale.

Find An Expert In Your Niche Area And Interview Him

When someone is recognized as knowledgeable in their field they’re often happy to share their knowledge with others. And they appreciate the exposure that they’ll get when you release your product.

So you should have no difficulty in finding an expert to interview.

Agree to a selection of questions ahead of time, record the interview as it occurs and turn that recording into a digital product.

You can actually make a book, a video and an audio for three separate products to sell.

Your interviewee gets the notoriety and you get product to sell to people who want to hear what the expert has to say. You get an immediate product to sell, and you’ll also likely come away from the interview with ideas for future product based on the conversation.

Brainstorm For Ideas

Ever done any brainstorming? It’s a great way to find ideas for digital product.

You sit with a pencil and paper, visualize your niche subjects, and let your thoughts flow onto the paper. Don’t reject anything – whatever comes to mind write it down. Later you can filter out items that you can’t turn into product ideas.

After you brainstorm for 40 minutes or so you’ll have a paper full of potential ideas you can turn into digital products.

Identify A Personal Problem

What problems are blocking your path toward progress?

Take those problems apart one-by-one and think about what you need to make them go away. Your results will turn into a list of ideas for product that will not only smooth your path but also add to your arsenal of digital product to sell to your customers.

Visit Forums For Thought Provoking Ideas

No matter what your niche is there’s a subject related forum online that’s full of people talking about that niche.

Join a few of those forums and add to the discussions. Once you become known as a contributing member start discussion threads of your own about topics you want to explore for digital product ideas.

Ask other members for their issues about the topic. What are they suffering through because they lack certain tools or knowledge to take care of those issues?

Watch People Around You

Observe your neighbors, friends, the people you communicate with every day.

What are their frustrations? What can you envision that will make their lives easier? How many different ideas for product come to mind when you watch them give up on something because they don’t know how to complete it?

That’s 9 Ways To Find Ideas

Now you have 9 methods for discovering ideas for digital product. All you need do is start employing them.

Go through these ideas one at a time and you’re likely to end up with a list of digital product ideas that will last you for months, if not years, to come.

You’re going to be busy into the foreseeable future.

Here’s to your success as a digital product creator.