Why Is Owning Your Own Website Important To Your Business?

There’s no requirement that you own your own website in order to start a business and make money online.

You have plenty of options for selling affiliate products for a profit.

That said, there are many reasons why owning your own real estate makes sense, and in this article I discuss a few of those.

More Professional


Owning your own website makes you look more professional.

Affiliate marketing is a profitable income generating method of doing business online. Without a website, you can market your product through advertising opportunities, and via email marketing.

You recommend only one product at a time that way though, and your success will take longer.

Once your customers believe in what you offer, and in you, they’ll want more of your products.They’ll start looking for you online – just knowing that you have a place where they can find more of your stuff.

If they can’t find you they’ll begin wondering if you’re just a one hit wonder type entrepreneur.


More Credibility.


An entrepreneur who maintains an online presence has more credibility in the eyes of his audience.

Your viewers, and followers, get more confidence that you know what you’re talking about. When they can read your content, and learn from it, they acknowledge you as an expert – a guru in your field.


More Trustworthy


Your potential customers view you as more trustworthy than they do when you have very little visibility or a place where they can go to learn more about you, and read your content.

Your website helps you build a relationship with them, and that relationship, in turn, gets them to that warm and fuzzy feeling that lets them justify buying more of your products.

And that increases your customer’s lifetime value to your bottom line.


More Product Inventory


Gives you a location where you can market a variety of niche related products.

You won’t find success by marketing only one product You need multiple streams of income in order to enjoy the lifestyle you’re searching for.

With a website of your own, you have the real estate where you can park a variety of products for sale. (The key here is to make sure that every product that you list on your site is niche related.)

You don’t want to confuse your customers with a website that has a barbecue recipe book on one page, and a self-improvement book on the next. You won’t keep a customer on your list very long that way.


Manage Your Marketing Activities


Gives you a way to manage your online efforts, and marketing links.

Youll find as an affiliate marketer that products come & go. During your business building lifetime, you’ll start marketing some products that will suddenly disappear.

If you have sales links (web addresses that customers click on to go buy the product) published around the internet you’ll find its a nightmare trying to update them when you replace that product with another one.

And you will want to replace a no longer existent product with a new, similar, one in order to keep your income growing, or at least steady.

With your own website, you can place those “buy” links on one of your pages. That way when a product vanishes from the net you just update the link on your page with the new product link.

What you advertise around the online community is the web address to the product page on your site.

All you need update is the “buy” link on your page – which you always have control of.


Easier Management, More Flexibility, Stronger Relationships


When you have a website to run your online business from you’ll find that the path you walk toward success is easier to negotiate, and it has fewer obstacles along the way.

You’ll also enjoy a more relaxing time building your customer base, and keeping those customers for longer, and more profitable, relationships.

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