Business Success – Discover And Implement That Million Dollar Idea

With competition growing day-by-day achieving business success online keeps getting harder all the time. But internet marketing at the same time looks more each day as the way to go for anyone looking to start their own business and make a decent life for their families.

Large scale brick and mortar stores dwindle in numbers as more and more shoppers move to digital space to find their products. Just consider all the companies filing for bankruptcy and closing stores.

But the basic need for starting a successful business is still the same. Sure, you still need funding – although not as much for an online business as for traditional brick and mortar. But funding still isn’t your basic need to get you started toward your entrepreneurial goal.

The one thing you have to possess is that million dollar idea.

Business Success - That Million $ IdeaOnce you have that you can get funding easily to set your marketing adventure in motion – depending on your skill at creating your business plan that is.

You can see the truth in that when you think about how Paul Allen and Bill Gates started Microsoft, Steve Jobs and Apple, or Mark Zuckerberg with Facebook. Every one of those companies started with a million dollar idea.

So all you need is a million dollar idea and business success is a done deal – right? But how simple is it to come up with an idea that promises to reach that level of achievement?

4 Thoughts To Focus On When
Seeking Your Idea For Business Success

Watch Your World

If you want to find a great idea for business success you must watch what’s happening around you.

You’ve got to be aware of the business environment:

What are other people doing in their own businesses?
What obstacles block their progress toward success?
What do they need to overcome those obstacles?
How do they want to receive the things they need to overcome those obstacles?

Referring back to my earlier examples when Steve Jobs searched for ideas he often paid attention to the way that people enjoyed music. Mark Zuckerberg noticed that his college friends had trouble getting together on a regular basis because of classes and studies. Bill Gates and Paul Allen realized that people would welcome a computer that fit on the top of a desk.

They came to these understandings by keeping their minds open and receptive to how other people’s lives trended.

You too can find your grand idea if you observe what’s happening in the lives of others. What can you create, or improve, to make those lives better, happier, more comfortable?

Identify The Obstacle

Once you determine that people are running into obstacles and how they’re struggling to overcome them, you must figure out just what the obstacle is. Until you do that your efforts in watching your world are not complete.

The obstacle will fit into one of three areas. Those are pain, fear, and pleasure. Of the three people will seek relief from pain faster than they will the other two. So look for pain first. Second in importance to people for wanting relief is fear. The need for pleasure still represents an obstacle if a way to get it is offered.

Look for ways to address those areas in their order of importance and you are closing in on your valuable idea for business success.

Tell Them You Have What Will Eliminate Their Obstacle

After you figure out the obstacle look for ways to make that obstacle go away and envision a variety of products you can create or modify to satisfy that result.

Next go back to the people you found are struggling against the obstacle and offer them the solutions you designed. Let them know that you can smooth their path toward business success.

Get their reactions to your solution with questionnaires that drill down into which specific one of that variety of solutions you identified they’ll most likely accept and be satisfied with.

Once you know your potential customers desired path you’ve identified the solution you’ll most likely have the greatest success with.

That is your grand business success idea.

Turn Your Idea For Business Success Into Reality

You know what your idea for business success is – make it real.

Now it’s time to execute your idea and get your business moving toward success. Learn marketing techniques, create the marketing message (or advertisement) about your solution, and get that message in front of the people who can use it to overcome the obstacle they face.

Create a business plan that shows you how to progress from here into the future.

Consider any potential obstacles that you might face along the way – and the solutions you’ll need to overcome them.

Put that in your plan.

Identify what rewards you’ll give yourself as you reach each benchmark of successful progress.

Put those in your plan.

If you need funding present your plan to the lending entity. It’s your business plan that lenders want to see. It shows them that your business success idea is well thought out and that it will work to your and their mutual benefit.

Good Luck In Your Pursuit Of Business Success

With a great idea, you have the power to overcome the heavy competition that exists today in the business world and that gives you the ability to find success.

Keep in mind these 4 points to focus on while in search of your grand idea for that business success:

Watch the world around you for insight about the needs and frustrations of others.

Identify the obstacles that others face in their daily lives.

Tell them you have a solution for eliminating the obstacle and figure out what configuration of the solution they prefer.

Make that solution a reality and make it available to your potential customers.

By satisfying those four guidelines you’ll find your business success and provide a life of pleasure and comfort for yourself – and your family.

To your success. And good luck in your business endeavors.