Hermits Rarely Become Successful Entrepreneurs



Do You Reach For The Bootstraps And Try To Do It Alone?

Many of us have a thing about doing things ourselves. Especially we men.

Think about how we tend to find our way to different places. How long ago was it that you seen a guy ask for directions? In fact, have you ever even seen that?

My lady has a fondness for reminding me about the time we took my parents to meet a cousin in a suburb. That was at a restaurant. I knew where it was. (Been there before more than once.)

I turned onto the road the restaurant is on – but I turned the wrong direction. After driving a couple miles I realized what happened, and I found a place to turn around.

Thing is, by that time my lady started asking me to stop for directions. I simply told her we were on a scenic tour.

Doubt she is ever gonna let me live that one down.

I always had a stubborn loner trait about me. I just want to do everything on my own. One of those do it yourselfers I am. Too proud to ask for help.

Seriously though.

Eventually we must come to the understanding that we just cant do all things without any help at all. That doesnt show a weakness on our part.Animated Business Man 6

And once you accept that getting some help along the way is necessary you become a more successful entrepreneur.

Sure, knowledge is power. But knowledge from others is ultimate power.

At least it is when those others are people who walked your path before you, and tell you about their mistakes and how they overcame them, so you dont have to make them yourself.

Makes for fewer obstacles in your road to victory.

I still struggle with asking for my predecessors help from time-to-time. But I do seek that help out, because I know that experience will make me a better mentor for others.

Being a good mentor is important to me. I enjoy watching someone benefit from the knowledge I give him. My educational background is in vocational education. As Jim Rohn said, “I teach people how to do.”

I really like showing people how to build their businesses, helping them smooth that path ahead. I try my best to accomplish that. Its a vital element to my success plan.

When you find your success it becomes your turn to help. Once you have the experience and knowledge that allows you to grow a business to profitable levels you can lose everything, and turn around to build another business.

You never lose a skill like that.

So when you get to that level of entrepreneurship, you have the opportunity to make a real difference in other lives by helping them toward your level.

You get the chance to become a mentor.

Give it back while you build the life you really desire for yourself and your family.

But before you do that you must reach that level of understanding and skill that lets you succeed. How long do you want to struggle in your quest to get there?

I suggest that you accept the help of those successful ones who went before you. Let them speed your journey.

And if that help isnt offered outright, ask for it.

You cant be a hermit, AND achieve success easily.