Making Money Online Is Hard – Huh?

Think making money online is hard?

Most of us do – at least those of us who try it, and don't have any success at it.

Which boils down to about 95% of all the people who ever make a try at it.

Why is that do you suppose? I have my ideas, and I'll talk a bit about those ideas over the next few paragraphs.

The way I see it people who think it's hard to earn any kind of income online fall into 4 categories:

1. Those who have no business building experience, and/or knowledge about how to build a business.

First they feel lost – they wonder what to do next, because they have absolutely no idea.

Often they feel deserted – betrayed by so called gurus who sell information products that they never used to make money for themselves, products that don't work anyway. Or products that are incomplete – products that leave essential steps out that the success of the product requires.

You can fix this situation by learning how to build a business from foundation to success – all while growing an income that fuels future growth.

2. Those who can't truly commit their time and effort to online success.

Sometimes the right mentor appears, and shows people what they need to do, but those people just don't bother to take the action to get started.

They fall victim to shiny object syndrome. They collect product after product, and let every one of them sit on their hard drive gathering dust – maybe opened once or twice, but never fully studied or implemented.

3. Those who feel no sense of responsibility.

People in this category don't expect enough of themselves to do things the right way. Or they don't care about the outcomes of their actions.

For instance, Some people rent a house but think nothing of leaving it in disrepair when they leave. People with integrity build positive reputations by leaving houses in better shape than they find them in – they fix any damage that occurs while they're in residence. (And any damage they find when they move in.)

People who don't accept responsibility bypass the instructions that make the road to success smooth, and/or they don't bother to perform the work (of those instructions) that successful business building requires.

4. Those who think somebody else should do it all for them.

They want push button automatic overnight wealth. That's why you see so many advertisements promising overnight success, and push button riches. People fall those kind of false promises every day. Don't be one of them.

They don't accept that instant success is a myth. You don't just push a button, and make magic happen. Somebody must do the work that makes success real. There are some steps that can be “done-for-you”, but you must always do the work of putting those steps in logical order. There's no fast path to success.

A lot of people look for ways to make money online. And it really isn't hard to do if you accept the personal responsibility to make it work.

The main problem is that most people decide early on that it isn't possible to do, and they give up – when often one more step forward is all they need to make their major breakthrough into successful incomes online.

Perseverance is the key to success at making money online.

Just as it is the key to success in any life endeavor.

You MUST first make the commitment that you absolutely will stay the course until you find success.

Your commitment guides you through the learning process so you get the knowledge you need to build your business.

Your commitment leads you to accepting the responsibility that makes sure you put your knowledge to use, and correctly perform the steps to make your business work.

Your commitment helps you understand that YOU are the only person who can perform those steps to build your business to success.

It all starts with the commitment to gain the knowledge you need to succeed, and the perseverance to use that knowledge wisely until that success is yours.

If you're ready to start your journey to successfully making money online take a look at the Yellow Brick Road, and see if it's the right fit for you.

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