You’re Invited To Look At The Yellow Brick Road

I want to invite you to take a look at the Yellow Brick Road (YBR).

I got started with an online business in the mid-nineties because I wanted to get away from being tied down to a permanent location.

I like to travel and I wanted a business that lets me go where I want, when I want, and pay the expenses too.

I’m glad I did that because one day at work my department head walked into my cubicle, and said, “Joe, I need you to take a walk with me.”

I noticed he looked a little bit uncomfortable.

I asked him what was going on and he said, “Just come with me.”

We walked to the division heads office. He told me to have a seat, and a few minutes later he told me I was laid off.

He gave me a week to pack my personal belongings and that was it.

I’d been with that outfit for a touch over 25 years.

Luckily for me it didn’t make a whole lot of difference.

You see I already had that online business setup.

I don’t know if you’re in a similar situation but for whatever reason you’re looking to make money online I want to help by smoothing your road a little bit.

Yellow Brick Road is an ideal way for me to do that.

YBR was co-created by Steve Dourdil and Mark Crosby.

When Steve introduced me to YBR in 2016 I immediately saw the potential to succeed at making an income online. But I started thinking about how so many people are hurting because of lost jobs and low incomes and I wanted to offer something to solve that.

You see, YBR introduces you to a business opportunity called Future Ad Pro (FAP). FAP is one of a number of income streams available from the parent company – FutureNet. With FAP you look at ads – only 10 per day – and each ad lasts around 30 seconds. That’s it. About 15 minutes a day is what it normally takes me. 30 minutes when I look at ads twice a day (I try to make a habit of doing that).

The company shares its revenue with you for looking at those ads and for purchasing advertising of your own.

You buy advertising packages – they come in $10 value and $50 value – and when you watch your ads you get paid about 10% per day for each advertising package you own. That’s around 50 cents for the $50.00 package. You can own up to 1000 of the $50 advertising packages.

Imagine what you could do with an income of around $500 every day.

For each advertising package that you buy you get 800 views of an advertisement that you post for other members to look at. And you get a share in FutureNet’s total revenue (the amount of that revenue share does vary and isn’t guaranteed).

Please understand that – since those 800 view are by other Future Ad Pro members – your ad should be for an income stream other than FutureNet. You can place an ad for any type of product or offer though.

My original YBR strategy was to accumulate enough advertising packages to buy additional advertising outside of Future Ad Pro to create multiple streams of income to fuel business growth and success.

I won’t say, “If I can do it you can do it” because I don’t know anything about your marketing background or your work ethics. Although if you start this and stick with it long enough you very likely will succeed.

What I will say is that when I recognized the potential power of FAP, I decided to see how it can work for people who are struggling financially.

I bought a $50 AdPack out of pocket. 6 days later I bought another $50 AdPack out of pocket.

That’s it. $100 total.

23 days later I bought my 3rd $50 AdPack with earnings from both that first two AdPacks and commissions from FutureNet’s social platform. (Futurenet pays you for being active on its social site. It isn’t much but it does add up over time.)

Since then every time my AdPack income reached $50 I bought another AdPack.

Things moved really slow until I got to 9 AdPacks and then my purchases started speeding up.

I got to buying AdPacks every 5 days or so and that number of days kept going down. I worked toward a target of 100 AdPacks to start buying advertising from earnings that would speed my growth even more.

When I hit that 100 AdPack goal I set a new goal of buying one $50 pack each day. That would set my advertising income at around $60 per day and I could use $50 each day for buying an AdPack and $10 each day to set aside for advertising my other business lines.

I reached that goal about a month ago and am holding it steady at that level. It’s working very well for me.

As you can see, if you’re short on funds The Yellow Brick Road just might be the opportunity for you. You won’t get rich quick (unless you can buy a large number of advertising packages on day one) but it is an avenue of steady growth if you give it a chance.

And there are a lot of members here who are happy to answer any questions you have along your way to success.

By now you have an idea as to whether you’re interested in taking a look at YBR and getting started building a successful business for yourself.

So let me introduce you to Mark and he’ll give you some more details as to how to get started.

Just go to: