How Do You Build The Ultimate SEO Friendly Landng Page?

Keep this information in mind when you optimize your landing page SEO, and you just might find it high in the SERPs.

Know – before you start creating your page – what your keywords are. When your content evolves around keywords that reflect exact search terms the search engines take notice.

How fast does your page load? Studies show that 30% of your visitors won't wait more than 3 seconds before clicking away from your site. And 75% will jump off after 4 seconds. Make sure your landing page loads faster than 3 seconds.

Do you include social media buttons? Even Bing admits those buttons imcrease the number of times they show searchers your URL.

Your links, both to and from authority sites, must be high quality.

Check some page one pages in your niche. Chances are the content on them contains in excess of 2000 words – and they'll also have rich video & images. These visual media have a tendacy to decrease bounce rates.

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SEO Friendly Landing Pages

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