Create Your Own Product – Why You Really Need Your Own Product Arsenal

Create Your Own Product - Why You Really Do Need Your Own ProductsIf you look around the net for information about internet marketing you’ll find the majority of successful entrepreneurs recommending that you create your own product in order to enjoy the highest profit and income from your online business efforts.

They’ll also tell you that owning your own product gives you the best shot at growing a large list of buyers. And of course, your list decides the level of success your business reaches.

The reason behind that advice is because to reach the top rung on the entrepreneurial ladder you must be recognized as an expert in your niche and when you have enough knowledge to create your own product people will recognize you as an expert. There is a big market out there looking for good information products.

The simplest way to produce a product is to write about some type of information. There’s always room for high-quality information that people find highly valuable for solving their problems, soothing a hurt, or in some other way making their lives easier to live.

What do you create your own product about?

Before you start work on your product you must decide what niche you’ll work in. Consider the answers to the following questions as a first step:

What do I enjoy doing the most?

What is the area of my best knowledge?

What knowledge area can I comfortably write a novel about if I put my energies toward the effort?

Am I willing to commit to directing my energies toward that effort?

After you make the decision as to the niche you’ll produce your information product in you next want to research the subject of your product. Spend a bit of time on researching a niche on Amazon,

Make a list of a dozen or so ideas relating to subjects that you feel you want to write about. Then go to Google, Amazon, and Clickbank. Enter your ideas one-at-a-time into their search functions. You’re looking for search results that contain a number of products for each product idea.

After narrowing your ideas list down to four to six subjects that each have a number of information products go have a look at which of those products have high sales/popularity rates. List them in order of that.

Take the top subject on your list. That’s your first information product. Start writing what you know about it. If you can divide it into a variety of products do so. For instance; if your first subject is How to Start an Online Business you can write individual books about traffic generation, search engine optimization, content marketing, affiliate marketing, product creation, etc.

There are a lot more sub-topics involved in starting an online business, each providing the opportunity to create one, or more, information products by themselves. I think you get the idea here. You’re looking to create an arsenal of marketable products over time.

The more products for sell for a given subject the better the chance that you can create a successful product for that subject.

Competition is a good thing.

Now you have a new research project. You want to gather as much information about your subject as possible. Go do that. Add your own know-how to that research, gather it all together, and – using your own words to make it unique – turn it into a report, book, tutorial, or another form of an information product.

Make it the highest quality that your abilities allow. Here’s a new question for you: If your finished product was offered to you by someone else would you pay to get it for the information it contains?

If not then fix it until you would pay for it.

After you edit your product (or better yet have someone else do the editing because we do tend to miss our own mistakes) into a version you are proud of, turn it into a Portable Document Format (PDF). It’s a file type that all computers can read.

You can use Open Office to convert files from text to PDF format. Open Office is a suite of productivity tools very similar to Microsoft Office and Open Office is free to download to your computer.

One final thought. Don’t spend forever trying to make this a perfect product. Perfect is a nonexistent state anyway. It’s more important that your information is highly informative and helpful. If what you deliver gives value the reader will be happy and more than ready to purchase your future products.

So create your own product. Make it a high-quality product, make it look presentable, and get it on the market so your future customers can benefit from your wisdom.

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